How Long Does It Take To Install an Ignition Interlock Device?

One question that may come to mind before your appointment is the time it takes to install an Ignition Interlock Device. Rest assured, your appointment will not take all day. Usually, Smart Start’s qualified technicians only need a couple of hours.

Please keep in mind that some vehicles may take a little longer for our technicians to install the Device. We recommend blocking off at least two hours to make sure you are prepared to not miss any other appointments, or work.

Your Appointment – Installing an Interlock Device

While you are at your installation appointment, one of our technicians will provide hands-on training with the Interlock Device before you leave. Every state has a different breath test pattern per their Interlock Device regulations. Don’t worry, though! All Smart Start’s testing patterns are very easy, and will only take seconds to perform the test. Each state’s Interlock Device regulations are different, but most require you to demonstrate that you can use your Interlock at least two or three times before leaving the service center.

You will also need to watch a short training video about your Interlock Device, and what different messages could mean. You will also be given a training manual as a reference guide. If you do not have the training manual with you, it is always on our website, as well.

More Tips

It also doesn’t hurt to check out different parts of our website for additional resources on your Device, and the blog for daily tips.

We look forward to partnering with you throughout your Interlock Device program!

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