How Often Should I Change Out My Ignition Interlock Mouthpiece?

An Ignition Interlock mouthpiece is the plastic part shaped like a cylinder that fits at the top of your Ignition Interlock Device. It must be inserted into the device so you can provide a breath sample.

Smart Start’s mouthpieces are sanitary and simple to use when you provide breath samples on your Ignition Interlock. However, you will want to change out your mouthpiece on a consistent basis throughout your program to maintain its functionality and cleanliness.

How Often You Should Change Out Your Ignition Interlock Mouthpiece

We recommend changing out your Ignition Interlock mouthpiece after every calibration or service appointment, which is every 30 or 60 days, depending on where you live. Keep a few extra mouthpieces in your glove box so you can easily replace it.

At your Ignition Interlock installation appointment, you will receive a few mouthpieces from the service technician. After your appointment, you’ll be back on the road in no time!

How Do I Get More Ignition Interlock Mouthpieces?

At Smart Start, it’s easy to receive more mouthpieces. At your next calibration appointment, ask our friendly service technician for more Ignition Interlock mouthpieces. We will provide as many as you need so you can easily switch out your mouthpieces during your Ignition Interlock program.

If you need more before your service appointment, feel free to call our Customer Care Center at (800) 831-3299. Our agents will assist you, and will answer any other questions you have related to your Ignition Interlock program.

Need to Install an Ignition Interlock in Your Vehicle?

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