Are there federal guidelines for the most reliable Ignition Interlock in the world?

Smart Start SSI-20/30 Ignition Interlock Device in Vehicle

In 1992, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) developed model specifications for Ignition Interlock technology in the U.S.

Nearly 20 years later in 2013, NHTSA updated their Interlock guidelines to reflect the current Ignition Interlock technology and advancements.

So why are NHTSA’s standards for Interlocks important to me?

NHTSA’s model specifications are the absolute standard for Ignition Interlock regulations in each state. In other words, their guidelines are considered best practice for the use and development of Interlocks. This also means that Interlocks meeting NHTSA standards are reliable, and will perform consistently so clients receive a stress-free experience if they need, or choose, to use an Interlock.

NHTSA’s Standards for Ignition Interlocks

The quality of the Ignition Interlock itself is not all NHTSA covers. They also recommend robust reporting and effective communication between the courts, Interlock vendors and clients on the Device. In addition, the education of Interlocks and its effective use is an important factor for the monitoring authorities involved, such as judges, probation officers, treatment professionals and more.

Smart Start Meets NHTSA’s Ignition Interlock Guidelines

Smart Start is proud to always meet NHTSA’s guidelines on Ignition Interlocks. We keep up with the current practice, and even exceed federal standards in the industry.

In fact, we are one of few Interlock vendors with a full-service platform that includes manufacturing, testing and distribution of our own products. This means from start to finish our clients’ Ignition Interlock program will be a seamless experience. For the past 25 years, Smart Start’s products have either met or exceeded federal guidelines and performance standards.

Smart Start Gets You Back on the Road Quickly

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