Will Having Diabetes Affect My Ignition Interlock?

Holding Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device in Vehicle

Are you wondering if having diabetes will affect your Ignition Interlock Device tests? If you are a Smart Start client, worry no longer! As a worldwide provider that uses the most advanced technology, you won’t fail an Ignition Interlock test because of being diabetic. Why?

Let’s go over how Ignition Interlocks work and why this outdated myth occurred in the first place.

Diabetes and Ignition Interlocks Explained

When Ignition Interlocks were first introduced, the technology used was not as advanced as the technology used in devices now. The fuel cell technology in Ignition Interlocks now is more accurate, reliable and alcohol-specific.

Ignition Interlocks in earlier years used semiconductors rather than fuel cell technology. Semiconductors were simply not as accurate. For example, some chemicals could trigger a positive reading in the devices with semiconductors like cigarette smoke or acetone, which produces in the body and exits through the breath.

Let’s get into the science of acetone to understand what it is and how this affects people with diabetes.

Acetone occurs when a human body is in ketosis, a state where the body is using fat for energy. If a body isn’t taking enough insulin to break down glucose in the blood, the body’s cells will switch to another solution, specifically, burning fat. This process produces ketones, which include acetone. If this process occurs in diabetics, it could become dangerous if ketone levels reach an unhealthy level, called diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA.

Ignition Interlocks Now

In any case, when you are using a federally certified and state-approved Ignition Interlock Device like Smart Start, you are in good hands. As technology improved over time, reputable manufacturers started using fuel cell technology to distinguish the difference between chemicals like acetone and actual alcohol elements like ethanol.

If you have diabetes, there’s no need to fret when meeting your Ignition Interlock requirements. Smart Start is here for you with an excellent program that includes reliable devices and service.

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