What Do I Do if My Car Was Totaled and I Have an Ignition Interlock?

Steering wheel of car, details of buttons and adjustment controls

If you have an Ignition Interlock and your vehicle was totaled, don’t panic. Take these steps to make sure you don’t violate your Ignition Interlock program’s requirements from your court or state.

Here’s what you should do when you are in a car accident and you have an Ignition Interlock.

First Steps: Calling the Right Ignition Interlock Contacts

First, after you call your auto insurance company, make sure to call your Ignition Interlock oversight agency/contact so they are aware of the situation. This could be your probation officer, for example. Then you’ll need to call your Ignition Interlock provider, such as Smart Start, at (800) 831-3299 so we know about the situation, too.

You’ll then need to provide proof to Smart Start that your car was totaled. When you are on the phone with your auto insurance company, ask them what you can use to provide proof to Smart Start. Sometimes, your auto insurance company will provide the supporting documentation for you.

Tips if Your Car Was Totaled and You Have an Ignition Interlock

Remember to not drive another vehicle if your car is totaled! Without an Ignition Interlock installed, you are violating your program requirements and you could receive more fees, a longer Ignition Interlock requirement period or other penalties.

When you replace your vehicle, make sure you follow the proper steps related to your Ignition Interlock requirements, which is something Smart Start can assist you with.

Finally, our Customer Care Center knows your state or county’s Ignition Interlock regulations, and can assist you or point you in the right direction for anything related to your Ignition Interlock. You’ll be back on the road again in no time with the right support.

Need an Ignition Interlock Install?

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