What happens if I can’t pass my Ignition Interlock test?

Smart Start 20/30 Ignition Interlock Device Inside Vehicle with Camera

What happens if I can’t pass my Ignition Interlock test?
If you aren’t able to pass your Ignition Interlock test, it won’t necessarily mean you’ll receive consequences. The first step is to not worry and keep calm. Sometimes it just takes some adjusting with your testing pattern.

When your test interrupts with a low-pitched beep from your Device, it is letting you know the test was aborted. Make sure you read what the Interlock says on its screen to determine what caused you to not pass your test. Your Ignition Interlock will make a ‘click’ sound when you pass a test.

Whichever result you receive, make sure that you swish around some water before attempting the next test. Water will clear any possible contaminants out of your mouth. We also recommend taking a couple of deep breaths before testing. This allows your lungs to provide more air, and makes testing easier.

Here’s some abort-type messages you may receive on your Ignition Interlock and its meanings:

  • “Blow harder”

    Your breath sample did not last long enough for your test to register. You also may not be providing a strong-enough airflow. After receiving this message, you may want to take a few deep breaths, then try again with a stronger and longer airflow.

  • “Hum stronger” or “Blow longer”

    You began humming either too late or too soon.  It might also mean that your hum was not strong enough to register. Read this blog on Blow Longer for more information on how to adjust your testing when this message appears.

  • “Blow softer”

    Your breath sample was too strong.  Our blog covers how to adjust your testing pattern if you receive the Blow Softer message.

  • “Don’t inhale”

    You might have inhaled while your lips were still around the mouthpiece, therefore sucking air into the Device. Always inhale away from the mouthpiece before testing.

  • “Abort tamper”

    You covered the vent on the back of your Interlock while blowing, or there is something in your mouthpiece. Abort Tamper can be explained in more detail on the Smart Start blog.

  • “Mouth closer”

    You’ll need to hold the mouthpiece more firmly against your mouth to avoid letting the Device pull away as you blow. Make sure your mouth covers the entire mouthpiece. To complete your test successfully, you will need to blow steadily for the full time of your test. Keep both your breath volume and your hum even during testing.

  • “Abort lock”

    You have exceeded the allowed number of aborts during a 15-minute period and will need to wait until the countdown completes before you attempt another test. Use this time to take another drink of water and take several deep breaths. This is not a violation! This message means the Ignition Interlock needs to reset itself for you to test again.

Remember, if you are still having trouble with your Device, Smart Start’s always here to help. Call our Customer Care Center at 800-831-3299 at any time and we will be able to assist you!  When you call, follow the prompts for a “current customer,” and then select 3 for “Product Questions/Device Troubleshooting.”  You can also visit our website or blog for additional tips and advice.

Do you need to know more about Violation-type results on your Interlock, or Lockout Mode? Our blog can answer your questions and assist in what to do if you receive these types of messages.

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