What Happens if I Get an Ignition Interlock Violation?

At Smart Start, we understand that violations could occur during your Ignition Interlock Device program. We only want your time with us to be successful and seamless. Rest assured, if you do get a Ignition Interlock violation, you can always call our 24/7/365 customer care center at (800) 831-3299, including weekends and holidays, for help.

Let’s go over what happens if you have an Ignition Interlock Violation.

Violation Reading on Ignition Interlock Screen

A violation will indicate that alcohol is present at or above the state’s fail level. The client’s vehicle will not be able to start. Remember that all states have their own requirements regarding violations, but clients can ask their Smart Start customer care representative at any time what to do.

Any Ignition Interlock violation will be recorded and sent to the client’s monitoring authority.

Types of Ignition Interlock Violations

  • Initial BAC – Alcohol is present during a client’s initial test
  • RRTEST – Alcohol is present during a client’s rolling retest
  • CIRC – The Interlock Device is letting a client know that circumvention has occurred, which most likely is disconnecting the head unit while driving
  • TEMPLOCK – A client’s test detected a low level of alcohol, and the Device has been temporarily locked based on the state’s limits
  • RRSKIP – A client skipped a rolling retest

Additional Tips

To avoid possibly receiving an inaccurate reading, make sure to rinse your mouth with water before any test to clear away any lingering breath alcohol from items such as breath mints or mouth sprays.

If a client does receive a violation but believes it was an accident, our Customer Care center will make sure to assist in getting them back on the road when they call.

If all allowable Ignition Interlock violations have occurred, the device will go into violation lockout mode. Some states only allow one violation before the Device goes into lockout mode. This means clients will need to fill out a form or call our customer care center to receive a lockout code.

A client can check their remaining violation points on a Device. Just press the # key, then 3 on the keypad.

Remember that we are here for you every step of the way through your program. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 831-3299 if you have any questions or need assistance with your Interlock Device.