What Foods Should I Avoid With My Ignition Interlock?

Have you heard that some foods can create a “false positive” reading on your Interlock? Is there any truth to that statement? Well, kind of. A number of items could affect your alcohol test results, but here’s a quick look at foods you should avoid with your Ignition Interlock.

Smart Start’s Interlocks are built on alcohol-specific, fuel cell technology. This means your Interlock will only process alcohol, but that can include the alcohol that is present in some foods that you consume. Using the term “false positive,” therefore, can be a little misleading.

Still, there are some types of foods you should avoid with your Ignition Interlock.

Should I Avoid Spicy Foods?

Spicy meals are constantly used as an example of a food to avoid with your Ignition Interlock. This is because spicy foods can create methane gas once digested. However, while that heightened level of gas could possibly lead to a positive alcohol reading in non-alcohol-specific Interlocks, that won’t happen in our devices.

So enjoy your favorite hot meal without worrying about an inaccurate test. It’s not a problem with Smart Start.

Should I Avoid Sugary Foods?

Pastries (donuts, cinnamon rolls, etc.) or chocolate can sometimes create a low volume of alcohol when digested. The good news is that the alcohol in these sweets will dissipate within three minutes, so if you are eating a chocolate mint or donut, either wait a few minutes or rinse your mouth with water before testing with your Ignition Interlock.

Smart Start always recommends that you rinse your mouth with water before any breath test. This simple tip will help alleviate any stress from an inaccurate test on your breathalyzer. Waiting a few minutes will also give some time for the alcohol in the food to completely dissipate.

We’re here to answer all of your Ignition Interlock questions – especially “What Foods Should I Avoid with My Ignition Interlock?” If you have any additional questions, our knowledgeable Customer Care team can walk you through your Interlock program and provide the answers you need.

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