OHIO: Annie’s Law Brings Big Changes with Interlock Devices

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Ohio is going through big changes with its Interlock Device laws. The state’s new regulation, Annie’s Law, took effect on April 4 this year. Annie’s Law is named after Annie Rooney, a 36-year-old attorney from Chillicothe. She was killed by a repeat drunk driver in 2013.

What is Annie’s Law?

Annie’s Law requires first-time OVI offenders to install an Interlock Device into their vehicle. OVI is short for Operating a Vehicle while under the Influence, and has the same meaning as DUI or DWI.

The Interlock is an alternative to not being able to drive at all, but each case is at the judge’s discretion.

In addition, if a defendant requests an Interlock Device in court, their suspension period could change from one year to six months with unlimited driving privileges. This period will increase with stiffer penalties if a defendant tries to tamper, circumvent or cheat the Device.

Interlock Devices

An Interlock Device prevents someone from starting their vehicle if their BrAC level is below the state’s fail level. The legal limit nationwide is .08. A random rolling retest about 10 minutes into the drive will prompt the driver to perform another test to ensure the driver is not driving drunk.

News outlets in Ohio are describing Annie’s Law and Interlock Devices as creating “a physical barrier with the goal of stopping a first-time drunk driver from becoming a repeat offender.” An Interlock Device is the only type of technology that can physically stop someone from driving drunk in their vehicle.

Ohio joins more than half the country by enacting their all-offender Interlock Device law to reduce repeat drunken driving. 28 states have an all-offender law, including the District of Columbia.

Interlock Devices not only prevent repeat drunken driving, but also help people get back to their day-to-day schedule. Smart Start’s service centers are throughout the U.S., and can meet your Interlock Device needs. Call 800-831-3299 or fill out our online form to install an Interlock Device.