Is Impaired Driving Still a Leading Cause of Traffic Fatalities in the U.S.?

Do you know which metro city in the U.S. is the most dangerous to drive in? From The Houston Chronicle‘s investigative report, Houston leads in vehicle-related fatalities than any other city. Dallas metro areas trailed at number two.

The Chronicle looked at all 601,187 fatal roadway incidents in the country and federal highway data from 2001 through 2016. Although Houston led the country with fatalities involving speeding, pedestrian deaths or traffic backups, Dallas ranks in the nation’s top three for alcohol and drug-involved deaths.

In fact, in 2016, alcohol-impaired driving crashes alone accounted for 28 percent of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. In 2016 in Texas, 811 drivers were killed with their known BAC results.

The Grim Reality of Alcohol and Drug-Impaired Driving

It’s clear that alcohol and drugs still play a big part in traffic fatalities and incidents. Regardless of where you live in the U.S., alcohol-impaired driving remains a leading cause for traffic fatalities. We must continue to push for stronger enforcement, awareness and reliable technology to reduce these numbers and leave our roadways safer.

The Driving Force of Safety Against Alcohol-Impaired Driving: Ignition Interlock Devices

Ignition Interlocks are a piece of technology along seatbelts and airbags that help save lives. With an Ignition Interlock installed in the vehicle, a user cannot start the car if their breath alcohol concentration or BrAC is at a certain level. Studies show that “all-offender” Ignition Interlock laws are the most effective for safety and reducing recidivism. Many reputable, national organizations such as NHTSA, NASEM and MADD want all states to enact stronger Ignition Interlock laws so the entire nation can start to have safer roads from impaired driving.

Need to Install an Ignition Interlock?

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