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A Positive Smart Start Review … from the Most Important Person We Deal With

We’re always thrilled when we see positive reviews for Smart Start about our Ignition Interlock service. That’s not unusual, since Smart Start ranks 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. But we recently received a lengthy and remarkably detailed review that perfectly describes our ideal customer experience.

People are always busy, so comments are typically short and to the point. However, a recent post from a client in Colorado gave us all the feedback we could possibly hope for. It sets a high bar, but that’s a challenge we’re always glad to accept.

So this isn’t an ad. It’s an honest assessment from the most important person we’ll ever deal with: a client.

A Positive Review is the Best Advertising

The incredibly positive Smart Start review recently came from Scott in Denver. He successfully completed a two-year Ignition Interlock requirement.

“Obviously, for the most part nobody wakes up one day and says, ‘Hey, I think I will go have Smart Start installed in my vehicle(s)’,” he wrote. “But nevertheless, many people end up in the predicament of needing Interlock to be able to drive. Smart Start was recommended to me from the get-go as pretty much the only and definitely the best option, so I went with them.”

Easy Installation Starts with a Phone Call

His first move was to call our Customer Care team and schedule an installation at a conveniently located facility in Denver. Customer Care specialist Christine quickly set him up with Smart Start of Cherry Creek. Technician Christopher took care of the installation.

Scott wrote: “From the moment I contacted Christine to schedule the installations to meeting Christopher for the installations – through the 2+ years of calibrations for three (3) vehicles – to the removals after completing the program and obtaining my unrestricted license, the experience was as painless as it could have possibly been.”

Quality Service with a Heavy Dose of Compassion

Christopher was singled out by Scott for being “super-knowledgeable” about installing, calibrating and removing the Ignition Interlock Devices. Anytime Scott had a question, Christopher was there with an answer.

However, there was more to it than that. “He never made me or other people I saw feel judged, uncomfortable or embarrassed,” Scott wrote.

That part is particularly important to us, since we’re not in the business of passing judgment. An outstanding customer experience requires being part of the solution, and making it easier for an Ignition Interlock user. That’s not just our goal – it’s our standard.

Customer Service Means Nothing Without Quality Equipment

Of course, an Interlock Device only makes a difference if it works the way it’s supposed to. Scott mentions that part, too.

“If used properly and some care is shown to the devices, the systems work perfectly and in no way impact or impair normal vehicle operations,” he wrote. “Once removed, you will never know you were there.”

We value our customers’ opinions – whether they’re positive or negative. Your feedback is the only way we know what we’re doing right, and how we can improve. That’s why we’ve been rolling strong since 1992.

If you need an Ignition Interlock Device, call (800) 831-3299 or get a quote. Be sure to ask about same-day installation.