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Transfer from Intoxalock to Smart Start in Virginia

Switch from Intoxalock in One Simple Appointment

If you are a current Intoxalock customer in Virginia, the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program is now requiring you to transfer from Intoxalock to an approved Ignition Interlock provider.

Smart Start is a state-approved provider and can remove Intoxalock’s device and install a Smart Start device before your next scheduled service visit.

• FREE removal of Intoxalock device • FREE installation of Smart Start device • FREE first month lease, with no long-term contract • Discounted monthly lease of $10 off our usual low monthly rate

*State fees not included

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Why Choose Smart Start?

As of March 24, 2023, the Commission on VASAP is requiring all Intoxalock clients to select another certified ignition interlock vendor.  Since Smart Start has been an approved provider in Virginia for 16 years, we can remove Intoxalock’s device and install a Smart Start device simultaneously.

We know that this is a stressful time and there are many unknowns, so we want to make this process as smooth as possible. Our dedicated Program Advisors are here to guide you through the process of switching your Ignition Interlock provider.

Smart Start is the leading Ignition Interlock provider in the United States, and has convenient install and service locations across Virginia. We also offer flexible hours to meet your busy schedule at select service locations. With no long term contracts and no hidden fees, Smart Start is the smart choice for your Ignition Interlock Device.


Yes, Intoxalock is no longer certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Failure to replace your device could result in a lockout where your vehicle will not start.  Please refer to the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program website for more details. Call our Program Advisors to transfer from Intoxalock to Smart Start today!

You should replace your device as soon as possible and definitely before your next regularly scheduled service you had with Intoxalock.  Please know that at some point your device will lockout and prevent your vehicle from starting.

Smart Start will remove the Intoxalock Interlock Device from your vehicle at the same time we install the Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device.

Smart Start has been operating in Virginia for many years.  We are the largest interlock provider with trained technicians and an extensive network of Virginia install and service locations. We offer fair pricing with no hidden fees (for example, no monthly reporting and data fees that can add $25/month to your costs). We have a monthly lease, with no long-term commitment, allowing you the flexibility you need to complete your DUI program with ease.

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