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SmartMobile Insight™ FAQ

SmartMobile Insight™ is a breakthrough in portable alcohol breathalyzers. We’ve got the answers you need about using SmartMobile Insight for portable or home alcohol monitoring. Check out the following frequently asked questions to learn more about the latest portable in-home breathalyzer technology.

This is the time period in which you must provide a test.  The display on the SmartMobile Insight™ device will show “Test Required – Press button to start test” along with a countdown timer showing how much time you have left to provide a test.

Violations are any breath test result above the violation level.  Most states and monitoring authorities use a 0.02 violation level. This may vary from state-to-state.

Tampering is anything done to cheat the device or try to alter the readings/photos/device.

Yes, most states and monitoring authorities consider tampering to be a violation that must be reported.

The SmartMobile Insight™ takes a photo during the test cycle while you are providing your breath sample.  It will NOT take photos at random.

Never. The SmartMobile Insight only takes a photo.

Your monitoring authority must provide written approval to Smart Start in order to change your test windows.

Plug in the charger and cord to the device.  Once the device has enough charge to initialize and turn on, you will see the battery icon at the top.  There will be a small “lightning bolt” inside of the battery icon when the device is charging.

Instructional information can be found directly on the unit. A training video will be played at time of enrollment and can be replayed at any time in the menu section “Training video.” Also, a quick reference sheet can be found in every carrying case. Always check the device’s screen for information.

The LED will flash, the speaker will beep randomly, and the screen will display “Test Required – Press button to start test,” along with a countdown timer showing how much time you have left to provide a test.

Yes. Simply press the center button to start a test. However, taking a test outside of a test window will not make up for a missed test. It is still a good idea to take a test as soon as you realize you missed your scheduled test.

The device needs a couple of minutes to refresh itself. You will be notified on screen when the refresh is complete, along with what to do next.

You can find this information in the menu under “Next payment date” and “Next calibration date.” Also, you can find your payment date online in the Client Portal, or by downloading the Client Portal app.

  1. Use the Client Portal (preferred)
  2. Download the Client Portal app to your phone. (preferred)
  3. You may also call (800) 831-3299.

This means that you did not complete the test sample. Wait for the device to return to “Press button to start test” and press the button. This time, blow a little longer and a little harder.

The device is uploading/downloading your data over the cellular network. You are not allowed to take a test during this time. Unplugging the SmartMobile Insight™ device during the cellular upload/download process will not stop the data transfer.

If this message remains for more than 10 minutes, unplug your device and allow the device to power down.

T-Mobile LTE

The SmartMobile Insight™ can store hundreds of tests and photos and will upload all the data when connection is made.

Press the center button. If this does not work, your device’s battery could be at 0%. Plug your device in to a wall outlet for a few minutes. Your device will remain on if plugged in.

The device will “time out” due to inactivity if it is unplugged. Your device’s screen will remain on if it is plugged in.

Hold down the center button for 30 seconds.

This means that the battery is low, and the unit must be re-charged.  Please plug your device into a wall outlet and confirm that the charging icon is inside the battery icon.  Wait 10 minutes or more to allow time for your device to start up again.

This means that the unit is too hot or too cold. Try getting the device closer to room temperature. Operational temperatures are 50° F to 100°F (10°C to 38°C).

In order to take a test, first “Press button to start test” must be displayed on your device.  Make sure the mouthpiece is inserted all the way into the device.  If the device is uploading data to a cellular network or conducting internal tests, it may not be ready for you to take a test yet.

If you do not have adequate lighting, the device may fail the face detection.  Adjust the lighting conditions to correct this.  It is a violation of your program to cover the camera or have another person take a test on your device. If the unit does NOT detect a human face, the device will eventually time out and allow you to test. You may be contacted or even asked to retest if passable photos are not met.

Email SMInsight@smartstartinc.com (preferred) or call (844) 785-7971. If you email, you can provide photos that could greatly help with the issues you are experiencing. If you call, you may still be asked to provide photos.

Although it does not reverse a missed test, it is a good idea to take an outside-of-window test as soon as you realize you missed your scheduled test. The missed test will still be reported to your file. If you feel the need to report the missed test, you can make an incident report online.

You will be asked to provide retests. This is to prove ingested alcohol. You should always rinse your mouth with water before testing to eliminate contaminants. The violation(s) are reported to your file. If you feel the need to report the violation, you can make an incident report online.