What is the Easiest Ignition Interlock?

Looking at Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device

As you’re researching different providers, you may be wondering who has the easiest Ignition Interlock device. Ease of use is an important feature, especially if you will need your Ignition Interlock Device for a while. Let’s go over why Smart Start is your number one option when it comes to answering the question of which Ignition Interlock is the easiest for you.

Why Smart Start is the Easiest Ignition Interlock to Use

During the Smart Start Ignition Interlock installation process, our expert technicians will show you how to take your tests. You’ll be asked to perform an easy breathing pattern into the mouthpiece of your Ignition Interlock Device. This pattern ensures an actual person is using the device.

With Smart Start, you’ll only hum, blow or use a combination of both these patterns when taking a test, depending on your state. These breathing patterns from Smart Start are widely considered to be some of the easiest and the most sanitary.

Wait, sanitary? Sanitation and overall hygiene are other factors to consider when choosing your Ignition Interlock Device.

Other Ignition Interlock Testing Methods

You will be using the same mouthpiece on your Ignition Interlock Device multiple times a day, depending on how often you drive. Other providers will require you to blow and then suck back in on the mouthpiece. Talk about nasty!

You can receive multiple mouthpieces to switch out at your convenience (and with Smart Start, extra mouthpieces come at no cost! Other providers will nickel-and-dime you with mouthpiece fees!) But the blow-suck method can be unhygienic for users.

Smart Start only offers sanitary, easy and stress-free Ignition Interlock breath tests. Not only that, but our passionate service team is always available to help you if you need additional training, whether you’re speaking with our techs at the service center or giving us a call at (800) 831-3299. If you need to review the training materials from your installation, such as your device manual or training video, you can view them again online.

Choose Smart Start to Get Back on the Road

If you’re ready to install an Ignition Interlock with Smart Start, we’re ready to help! Call (800) 831-3299, fill out our online form or sign up for the Client Portal either on the web or through our mobile app, available for download via the App Store and Google Play.