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Would you like to increase your revenue?
Would you like to offer a simple, affordable alcohol monitoring product that works for clients of all risk levels?
Would you like to partner with the leader in alcohol monitoring technology?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Smart Start invites you to partner with us as a distributor for our revolutionary portable monitoring device — SmartMobile.

This page is for interested distributors in the SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring device ONLY! Visit our service center information page to partner with Smart Start as an Ignition Interlock installer.

Why Smart Start?


Since 1992, Smart Start has been a leader in the alcohol monitoring industry, manufacturing Ignition Interlock Devices for Separating Drinking From Driving® and developing portable alcohol monitoring tools that enable our clients to test anywhere, anytime.  Remote alcohol monitoring devices are valuable tools for probation, specialized treatment courts, pre-trial and parole that work in tandem with supervision and treatment to change a client’s behavior. We serve thousands of clients each month, and we’d love for you to join our team.

What Makes the SMART Mobile™ Different?

Smart Start’s SmartMobile is the culmination of years of research and experience. SmartMobile is only one-third of the price of other continuous alcohol monitoring devices. It also provides consistent monitoring AND reporting, so it’s effective and user-friendly for state authorities with clients of all risk levels. As a distributor, you can offer SmartMobile at a competitive price and still add a significant amount to your monthly revenue. SmartMobile offers the following benefits for state authorities and clients alike:


Up to 10 programmable test windows per day


On-demand testing


Immediate notification of violation for state authorities


Facial detection and built-in camera for positive identification


GPS location of each test


24/7 access to reports via our proprietary software, SmartWeb®


24/7 bilingual support via our Customer Care Center, open 365 days a year

Benefits of Partnering with Smart Start

With Smart Start, you’re never alone.  When you agree to partner with Smart Start as a distributor of SmartMobile, you’ll receive the benefit of the following:


A full-service introductory training that includes one-on-one guidance with software, hardware, and product


Regular communication with, and support from, the SmartMobile support team


Introductory marketing kit with tri-fold brochures, rack cards, written sales content, stock photos, training DVDs, a SmartMobile presentation and a demo unit


Ongoing support and a 24/7 bilingual customer service line