Why Smart Start Provides the Best Ignition Interlock “Drive-Thru” Service

car against bright background

Have you ever thought about the convenience of just driving through your favorite fast food place? You get your burger, fries or coffee in just a few minutes. But there’s also another benefit to drive-through service. How about when the summer days in your state hit well above 90 degrees?

Now think about your Ignition Interlock, and how it’d be nice to have a “drive-thru” for your monthly services. If you’re a Smart Start client, you’re in luck! In many states, Smart Start provides this option so clients can just relax in their car during their monthly Ignition Interlock service. We know that you want to experience the easiest Ignition Interlock program possible. We’ve been providing that very service since 1992. Let’s go over the benefit to having “drive-thru” service for Ignition Interlock calibrations.

Smart Start and Convenience Go Hand-in-Hand with Drive-Thru-Style Calibration Services

If you’ve been on the Ignition Interlock program for a while, you know that because of your state laws, you need to return to the provider’s service center either monthly or bi-monthly, depending on your area and/or judge. If you live in a hot state such as Arizona or Texas, there’s an added benefit to the “drive-thru” service from Ignition Interlock providers.

In any case, it’s extremely beneficial for your Ignition Interlock provider to have an area at their service center where you can just pull through, enjoy the AC in your vehicle and have your monthly Ignition Interlock service done within minutes, such as Smart Start.

If you are still on the hunt for the right Ignition Interlock Device, look no further than Smart Start. We operate throughout the U.S. and the world with fair pricing, a dependable Interlock and excellent customer service. No one can come close to the convenience we provide our clients! Receive a quote, find your nearest service center, and talk to our friendly Customer Care Center today by calling (800) 831-3299 or by filling out our online form.