What to Expect During Your Smart Start Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Program

Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device and Camera in Vehicle

Are you dealing with a DUI and speaking with PennDOT right now to reinstate your driving privileges? If you’re eligible, are you wondering what to expect during your Smart Start Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock program?

It may seem a little overwhelming, but as the largest and most reliable provider of Ignition Interlocks, you are in great hands! Smart Start offers the fairest pricing with many convenient service centers across Pennsylvania. Above anything else, remember that you can contact our friendly, 24/7/365 Customer Care Center for any questions or next steps in your Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock eligibility process at (800) 831-3299.

If you’re ready to install your PA Interlock now, let’s go over a few things to consider at the beginning, middle and end of your Smart Start Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock experience.

Your Smart Start Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Installation Guide

First, if you are just starting your Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock process, you’ll need to schedule an installation appointment. Simply call (800) 831-3299 or fill out our online form to get started. A service agent will provide you next steps and where your closest Smart Start Pennsylvania service center location is. When you have a confirmed date and time, bring the following items to your Smart Start installation appointment.

When you arrive for your installation appointment, our technicians will install the Smart Start Ignition Interlock into your vehicle. You’ll receive a manual, sign some paperwork and watch a training video that provides an overview of the Smart Start program. You’ll also be shown how to take a test with your Ignition Interlock until you are comfortable with its process.

Remember that you need a few to-dos crossed off your list before driving again with an Ignition Interlock-equipped vehicle:

  • Ignition Interlock installation
  • All necessary paperwork is complete and sent to PennDOT
  • Per the IILL Petition or the instructions in your Restoration Requirements letter, you are approved and have your Ignition Interlock Limited License or Restricted License issued

Let’s get into certain aspects during your Smart Start Ignition Interlock program that you’ll come across, like random retests and monthly service appointments.

During Your Smart Start Ignition Interlock Program

You may notice that you must perform random retests on the road as you drive. After passing the initial test to start your vehicle, the following random retests ensure you are holding yourself accountable. In Pennsylvania, you have up to six minutes to pull over safely and submit your breath sample. Remember to rinse your mouth with water before taking each test!

You also might know that you must visit your Smart Start service center every 30 days per your PennDOT requirements. After your first calibration however, you can opt to visit every 30 or 60 days for your appointments, whichever is more convenient for you. These regular appointments, also called your calibration service, ensure that your Ignition Interlock is working properly. You can also take this time to ask our service technicians any questions.

The End of Your Smart Start Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Program

Don’t know when you are eligible for your Ignition Interlock removal? It is best to contact PennDOT at 800-932-4600 to check your removal date. There are a few steps you must follow before scheduling your Ignition Interlock removal appointment. As an expert on the Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock law, our service agents will provide you clear information about getting your unrestricted driver’s license back.

And you’re done! Remember that you always have our service center team for any Ignition Interlock assistance at (800) 831-3299.

Get Back on the Road with a Smart Start Pennsylvania Interlock

If you still need to schedule your Smart Start Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock installation, simply call (800) 831-3299 or fill out our online form.