Smart Start of California makes Japanese television debut

Monday, October 2, 2006


WOODLAND HILLS, California — The California franchise of the nation’s largest ignition interlock device company, Smart Start, Inc., demonstrates the device on Runa Entertainment and NTV International Corporation for Japanese television.

Foreign interest in the ignition interlock devices, which are portable breath-alcohol testing machine installed on the steering column of a car, results from a recent increase in drunk driving arrests in Japan.

Marc Bergman, general manager of Smart Start of California, says that the technology Smart Start Inc. uses for the ignition interlock devices is also very interesting for the country. “The technology we use is state of the art,” says Bergman. “At the moment, we are the leaders when it comes to driving safely without alcohol.”

During the segment, Bergman and the news correspondents tested the machine’s reliability. “The journalists ingested alcohol and tested the machine. It worked, as predicted, with precision accuracy. Smart Start ignition interlock devices are reliable. The word is quickly spreading worldwide.”

The device prevents vehicles from starting if the driver has a blood alcohol content above a certain limit. In some instances, the device is court-ordered or DMV-ordered for those arrested for DUI. Smart Start of California also operates a volunteer program for those who simply want to have an ignition interlock in place for their own safety or for the safety loved ones that are suspected of driving under the influence.

Smart Start of California has more than 20 locations throughout the state