How to Use Your Interlock Device if You Share Your Vehicle

Smart Start Inside Vehicle

If you must install an Interlock Device but you share your vehicle with someone, you may be wondering if this will comply with your court or state orders.

Tips for Sharing Your Vehicle with an Interlock Device Installed

At Smart Start, sharing your vehicle with an Interlock Device installed is no problem. Anyone can drive your vehicle, but they will need to pass the prompted breath tests as well from the Interlock Device. This means the initial/startup test, rolling tests, etc. Keep in mind that each state’s regulations are different.

Some states, such as Florida, will need proper documentation. This paperwork should list who would possibly drive your vehicle. Our online chat team that you can reach via our online quote page can provide you these forms. You can also call our 24/7/365 customer care center at 800-831-3299 for assistance.

Make sure you trust the person you are sharing your vehicle with! Even if you are not driving, all breath tests will be recorded, and these recordings will show in your monitoring authority’s reports.

Your Installation Appointment

It may be a good idea for your spouse, or whomever is sharing your vehicle, to accompany you to your installation appointment. When you visit your nearest Smart Start service center, our licensed technicians will provide hands-on training so you and your spouse are comfortable with testing on the Device.

Whichever decision you make for your Smart Start Interlock, we want your program to be successful and easy. If you ever need assistance, feel free to call our team at 800-831-3299. We are always available to help, even during weekends and holidays.

Do you still need an Interlock Device? Call Smart Start today at 800-831-3299 or fill out our quick and simple online form.