What is a PBT (Personal Breath Test), and how does it differ from an Ignition Interlock?

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There are several types of alcohol testing techniques that can show your breath alcohol concentration, or BrAC. A couple of tactics that may be more common to the general public are blood or urine testing.

A couple of devices that may not come to mind are personal breath testers (PBT) and Ignition Interlocks. These products are less invasive than blood and urine tests, and have highly accurate test results.

So, what’s the difference between a PBT and an Ignition Interlock?

PBT’s are usually used by law enforcement to test a driver’s breath alcohol when they are pulled over. Anyone can purchase a PBT, however, to maintain sobriety. They are small, portable and can have the same testing technology as an Interlock Device.

Interlocks are usually a state or court requirement following a DWI or DUI offense. They must be installed in the individual’s vehicle, and are a physical deterrent to drinking and driving. If someone’s breath alcohol is at or above the Interlock’s fail level, they will not be able to start their vehicle.

PBT’s are voluntary devices, but Interlocks can be, too.

A PBT cannot physically stop a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel. The only way to know for sure a loved one is not drinking and driving is with an Ignition Interlock installed in their vehicle.

Accurate Alcohol Testing Technology

PBT’s and Interlocks are very accurate and effective in determining someone’s breath alcohol concentration (BrAC). If the product has fuel cell technology, that means it has the most advanced form of breath alcohol testing worldwide.

Smart Start’s Interlock Devices have fuel cell technology, which means the most reliability during your Interlock program.

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