What’s The Number One Reason Drunk Drivers Get Behind the Wheel?

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF USA)’s recent study for 2017 reveals interesting results about alcohol-impaired driving from U.S. drivers.

The 2017 Road Safety Monitor Report’s Results: What’s the Biggest Reason Behind Drunk Driving? Are the Numbers Decreasing?

The third annual Road Safety Monitor (RSM), TIRF’s study on alcohol-impaired driving, shows that the number one reason drunk drivers get behind the wheel is because they feel they are OK to drive.

Almost half of respondents chose this answer at 48 percent. The other top reasons show that drivers feel it’s OK because they’re traveling a short distance (13 percent). Another is that they think they can drive carefully (10 percent), or they simply did not think about it (5 percent).

In addition, comparing the last three years (2015, 2016 and 2017) of RSM’s data, 2016 had the highest number of reported alcohol-impaired drivers, and the highest number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities.

The study says these numbers may be high because there’s a decreasing concern about drunk driving in relation to both societal topics and other road safety topics such as distracted driving.

More Drivers Know About Alternative Solutions like Ridesharing Apps

There is an upside to this year’s RSM results, however. 2017 shows that there may be a decrease in alcohol-impaired driving fatalities. Plus, a larger percentage of drivers compared to last year’s numbers were aware of other alternatives rather than driving impaired. These countermeasures include ridesharing apps like Lyft or Uber, using public transportation or designating a sober driver.

About the RSM

TIRF’s 2017 report comes from 5,027 U.S. driver’s answers who are 21-years-old or older. The poll was completed just a couple months ago in September and October. The study comes from TIRF USA, TIRF Canada and Anheuser-Busch, who promote alcohol responsibility.

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