New Virginia DUI Law Relaxes Limits on Restricted Licenses

A new Virginia DUI law relaxes restricted license requirements for many first-time offenders, as long as they use Ignition Interlock. Beginning July 1, the law applies to first-time offenders with a Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) of less than 0.15.

Under the new Virginia DUI law, those drivers who have a restricted license and an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) no longer have limitations on where they can drive.

The new Virginia DUI law also mandates that if a person is not eligible for a restricted license, the court can instead authorize the use of a remote alcohol monitoring device. However, that portion of the new Virginia DUI law doesn’t become effective until July 1, 2021.

Drivers in Virginia Rely on Smart Start

New Virginia DUI Law: Unlimited Travel with Restricted License & IID

Previously, first offenders with less than 0.15 BrAC could use a restricted license only to travel to certain destinations. Under the new Virginia DUI law, however, they are now allowed unlimited travel as long as they have Ignition Interlock.

Virginia drivers with a restricted license had been limited to 14 approved destinations, including:

  • Going to and from work, as well as job interviews.
  • Travel to and from a place of religious worship.
  • Taking a child to and from school, daycare, or related destinations.
  • Travel related to a court order or probation requirements.

However, other typical destinations like shopping, going to a gas station, or running errands were prohibited.

What is an Interlock Restricted License?

Ignition Interlock Plays a Major Role

Rather than add to the existing list, legislators chose to allow any destination. However, the new law lengthens the duration of the IID requirement to 12 months, rather than six.

Now, the driver must also avoid any violations for 12 consecutive months. According to state law, the Ignition Interlock must be monitored and calibrated every 30 days.

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