When Will I Need an Ignition Interlock in Washington?

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Got a DUI? You may need an Ignition Interlock in Washington under most circumstances upon a DUI conviction.

Washington is an all-offender state, so whether it is your first or repeat DUI offense, you will most likely need an Ignition Interlock. First offenses with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 will need an Ignition Interlock. You also need the device if you refused your blood or breath test. Some reckless or negligent driving convictions will require an Ignition interlock, too.

Your Ignition Interlock oversight agency will be the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL).

How Long Do I Need an Ignition Interlock in Washington?

If it is your first offense, the Ignition Interlock is a one-year requirement. For your second offense, it is five years. A third or subsequent offense is 10 years. Plus, a DUI that involves any other offenses, such as a passenger under the age of 16 in the vehicle, shall extend the Ignition Interlock requirement for six months. Keep in mind that your court can require your Ignition Interlock period to be longer!

You can also find out how long you’ll need an Ignition Interlock on the DOL’s Reinstate Your License page.

Compliance Removal in Washington

Washington uses a certificate of compliance near the end of your Ignition Interlock requirement period. When you’re finished with your requirement period, ask your Ignition Interlock vendor for the certificate.
Your vendor can submit the certificate to your monitoring authority if you did not do any of the following in the last 180 days or 4 months:

  • Any attempt to start your vehicle with a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of .04 or more;
  • Failure to take any random test;
  • Not passing any random retest with a BrAC of .025 or lower;
  • Not appearing at your service center when required for maintenance, repair, calibration, monitoring, inspection or device replacement.

The 180-day compliance does not replace the 4-month compliance that Washington has in place.

If your arrest date was before July 23, 2017, the 4-month compliance is required (the last 4 months of your Ignition Interlock requirement period). If your arrest date was on or after July 23, 2017, the 180-day compliance is required (the last 180 days of your Ignition Interlock requirement period.)

Read the exact steps to take to expedite your Ignition Interlock removal process on the blog.

Since the enactment of Washington’s all-offender law in 2009, Washington has seen a 12 percent decrease in drunk driving deaths, according to MADD’s 2018 annual Report to the Nation on drunk driving laws.

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