Part 5: Ignition Interlock Lockout Codes and More on the Client Portal

Are you a Smart Start customer? Then it’s time to take advantage of our new Client Portal, an online platform and mobile app available to you to manage your Smart Start program and device(s). We have gone over several benefits you can enjoy from the Client Portal.

Client Portal Series

1 – Introducing the Client Portal
2 – Getting started
3 – Payments and enabling auto-pay
4 – Big reasons why the Client Portal helps you

If you’re ready to continue learning how else the Client Portal can benefit you, then read on! We’ll go over the rest of the options available to you that’s right at the tip of your fingers, whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Benefits of the Smart Start Client Portal

  • Obtain Ignition Interlock Lockout Codes

If your state allows Ignition Interlock lockout codes, you can obtain one right from the Client Portal. To receive a lockout or unlock code, visit the Client Portal and select Payments & Unlock Codes from the menu. If you have more than one Smart Start device, make sure you select Ignition Interlock on the Payments & Unlock Codes screen.

  • Update Your Profile Information

Did you notice the small gear by your profile picture on the Dashboard? This screen allows you to edit some of your account details like your phone number or email address. Remember that changing your email address means you are changing how you log-in to the Client Portal. You’ll need to re-verify the new email address. You can also change your physical address and your communication preferences. You can also access this screen by selecting Profile under the menu.

  • Change Password

If you’d like to update your password, you can do so on the Change Password option under the menu. Remember that your password needs to be at least eight characters and include at least one number.

  • Help: Training Videos, FAQs and Store Locator

Need to revisit your device training video again or have questions about the program or the Client Portal? What about finding your nearest Smart Start service center? Access all these perks under the Client Portal menu!

Managing your Smart Start account(s) has never been easier. We’re ready to help you complete your alcohol monitoring requirements! If you have any service questions, our 24/7/365 Customer Care Center is available to you at (800) 831-3299.

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