Who’s My Ignition Interlock Contact If I Live in a Judicial State?

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Each state has its own Ignition Interlock regulations, and therefore has different Ignition Interlock authorities. They are the entity that orders for an Interlock installation and monitors your progress throughout your program. They also authorize whether you can remove your device or not near the end of your term. The three types of Ignition Interlock authorities are administrative, judicial and hybrid.

We covered in a previous blog who your monitoring authority would be in an administrative state. A handful of states, however, mandate their Ignition Interlock program through the judicial system.

Ignition Interlock Judicial States Process

A judicial state means your Ignition Interlock contact will be through your court rather than a state office. This process is for offenders either in the process of pretrial or post-conviction.

The court will address your consequences through screenings, assessments and appropriate treatment. Penalties of a DUI in a judicial state usually involve jail time, fines and community service in addition to your Ignition Interlock. They may also have specialized treatment courts that work exclusively with DUI-related cases.

Current Ignition Interlock Judicial States

Here’s the list of current judicial states below:

  • Idaho
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Texas

Don’t see your state? Our blog also covers the states that are administrative-based. A lot of the U.S., however, implement a mix of administrative and judicial Ignition Interlock regulations, which are called hybrid states.

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