How a Smart Start Ignition Interlock is the Cheapest Part of Your DUI

Smart Start Ignition Interlock Client in Vehicle

You may face different kinds of fines and fees after getting a DUI. For example, you can expect to pay various costs that include court, legal, attorney or SR-22 fees.

An Ignition Interlock could also be on the list of requirements to reinstate your driving privileges or to fulfill a court order. However, Ignition Interlocks are one of the least expensive pieces to your DUI case.

Although this sounds like another fee to add to the list, an Ignition Interlock can get you back on the road again legally sooner rather than later. Specifically, Smart Start Ignition Interlocks provide you excellent pricing without compromising the quality of our service or products.

If you need one, a Smart Start Ignition Interlock can be the least expensive part of your DUI when you compare our pricing to other providers. Let’s go over the financial benefits of choosing a Smart Start Ignition Interlock.

The Financial Benefits of a Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device

Getting on the road again safely is the prime benefit to installing a Smart Start Ignition Interlock. For example, you may need to travel to various places to meet your DUI requirements. When you need to attend MADD Victim Impact Panels, alcohol education courses or visit your probation officer, the ability to drive your own vehicle with a discreet Ignition Interlock such as Smart Start’s offers a lot of relief during a stressful time.

In many states, you can choose your Ignition Interlock provider. Do not be fooled by false advertisements from other providers who claim or insinuate they are the only option in your state. Research every provider you can use in your state.

You may also come to find that other providers’ extra costs are unnecessary and are buried in the lease agreement. You could even get a nasty surprise when you visit their service center and find out about some extra fees you weren’t aware of, like installer fees.

At Smart Start, we don’t play games with our clients who are already stressed about what their DUI is doing to their financial situation. You are welcome to ask our service agents anything about pricing, including everything that’s included in your lease. We’ll provide you the answers you need with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Smart Start Ignition Interlock Devices are the fast lane to getting you back to your everyday routine after a DUI. If you have any questions, our 24/7/365 Customer Care Center is available to help at (800) 831-3299.

Need an Ignition Interlock Now?

Smart Start is one of the only Ignition Interlock providers with the flexibility to work with your schedule. We offer next-day or same-day installations and can install our Interlocks on any vehicle.

You have several options to schedule your installation appointment.

Mobile App

  • Request an appointment through our Client Portal, available online or as a mobile app via the App Store and Google Play. We’ll confirm your requested appointment time and date.



  • Speak to a service agent at (800) 831-3299. We’ll gather the information we need and schedule your installation appointment.