Charging or Changing Your Car Battery with An Interlock Installed

When installed, your Interlock Device works alongside your vehicle’s other parts in a cooperative, seamless process. For the Interlock Device to function properly, however, parts like your vehicle’s battery needs to be in good condition as well.

Sometimes, charging or changing your car battery may need to happen, regardless if you have an Interlock Device. This may be a worrisome thought, but can be a very smooth process with the right steps taken.

There are two solutions you can do before charging or changing your vehicle’s battery.

Call Our Customer Care Center Team

One tip is to call our customer care center representatives at 800-831-3299, and we will help you with speed, efficiency and patience. We are also 24/7/365, so whether you need assistance at midnight or noon, on a workday or holiday, we are here for you.

Check Your Battery’s Voltage

Another tip is right on your Interlock Device. You can make sure your vehicle’s battery has enough voltage by pressing the # sign on your SSI-20/20™ or SSI-20/30™, and then 2 on the keypad. If your battery is below 12 volts, your battery could prevent your breath sample from registering.

Here’s a list below to make sure everything goes well while you are charging or changing your battery.

  1.  If your state allows it, disconnect your head unit from the curly cord before you connect jumper cables or a charger to your battery. You can only disconnect the head unit while your vehicle is off.As of January 2016, only New York and Wisconsin do not allow you to detach your head unit while the car is off, but laws are always subject to change, so check with your Smart Start customer care representative first. If your state does not allow you to disconnect your head unit from the curly cord, call us at 800-831-3299, and we will help you out.
  2. Retrieve the user manual for your vehicle.
  3. Follow the instructions in your vehicle’s user manual to connect the jumper cables or charger to your battery.
  4. After charging the battery for the determined amount of time, reconnect the head unit.
  5. Try to start your vehicle as you normally do.
  6. Remove the jumper cables or charger as instructed by your owner’s manual.

Remember, your Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device is designed to work WITH your battery, not against it.

Do you still need an Interlock Device installation appointment scheduled? Call Smart Start today at 800-831-3299 or fill out our quick and simple online form for a quote.