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What’s the Difference Between BAC Versus BrAC for Alcohol Measurement?

What’s the difference between BAC and BrAC when measuring alcohol content? And why does Ignition Interlock Device technology use BrAC?

The Difference Between BAC and BrAC

Here’s the meaning behind BAC and BrAC. BAC stands for blood alcohol concentration and BrAC is breath alcohol concentration. Both measure the alcohol content in your body but in different ways. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that one will measure your alcohol concentration through your blood and the other through your breath, so let’s get more specific on why BrAC is used for Ignition Interlocks.

Why We Use BrAC or Breath Alcohol Concentration for Ignition Interlock Devices

To understand why BrAC is used in Ignition Interlock technology rather than BAC, we need to go through the science of alcohol consumption.

When you consume alcohol, you can eliminate it in several ways, like through urine, sweat or your breath. Alcohol can be measured with your breath due to this elimination process in your body, so using BrAC is a reliable method to detect your alcohol concentration.

The two, BrAC and BAC, are a direct correlation of each other. Breath alcohol is a measurement of blood alcohol in a person, or in other words, a measurement of the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood. Using BrAC for your Ignition Interlock is less invasive than BAC because to measure BAC, you’d have to do a blood draw.

One current limitation to breath testing is that it only measures alcohol, whereas a blood test can measure alcohol and drugs. Measuring your BrAC is fit for Ignition Interlock technology, however, since measuring your alcohol content is its main purpose, and its goal is to Separate Drinking From Driving®.

Over decades of research, evaluation and litigation prove the reliability of using breath testing to measure someone’s alcohol content. That’s why federal and state-approved Ignition Interlock Devices have robust technology that measures your BrAC and is an acceptable industry practice.

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