Choosing The Right Ignition Interlock Provider

Choosing the right ignition interlock provider is crucial. While ignition interlock devices are simple to use, incorrect selection of an ignition interlock provider can have long reaching implications. Individuals mandated to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in their vehicles have often already encountered significant costs related to legal fees, time from work, court time, etc.  Given this, it is extremely important to know how to select the right ignition interlock provider.

There are a number of factors that should weigh into IID provider and product selection if the user wants a positive, uneventful experience.  The provider, at minimum, should have:

  • A high number of installation locations that are conveniently located across the U.S. that provide quick installation with properly trained personnel so the user can quickly get back on the road,
  • Competitive pricing – some providers have hidden fees that cannot be determined until you are at their installation location (always ask for a fee schedule up front),
  • A Customer Care Center that can quickly respond to any questions that might arise,
  • Have been in business over 20 years and have a reliable, proven product,
  • Training at the installation location so that the user does not have to spend any unnecessary time at the facility,
  • Access to state requirements that can be easily communicated,
  • An advanced technology product that uses fuel cell technology to ensure reading accuracy and reliability,

Smart Start, Incorporated is the number one provider of quick, effective service with a product that is unsurpassed within the industry.  We have 1200+ locations throughout the U.S., have no contracts, have a competitive fee schedule and are always ready to address customer needs.

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  1. Brandy Robinson says:

    A user can sample a device by visiting one of our installation service centers and can practice using our ignition interlock devices prior to installation. This device cannot leave our service center. However, speak with your local service center about availability of short term trial deposits.

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