About Smart Start, Inc.

Smart Start is a privately held company based in Irving, TX.  It began servicing clients in January of 1993.  In the years since, it has built a reputation as the leader in alcohol monitoring.  Smart Start technologies focus on ignition interlocks for vehicles as well as home alcohol monitoring devices. The company has built one of the largest, most successful programs in North America.

To date Smart Start has serviced over a half million US clients and prevented over 6 million illegal vehicle starts.  In 2008, Smart Start entered the global market developing a distribution system in 10 countries outside of the U.S.   Going forward, the company plans to continue to expand both its international presence as well as its product offerings. 

Smart Start's domestic operation spans 46 states.  It is seviced through 1000 service locations.  Smart Start operates through a combined company owned and franchised platform.  39 States are franchised and 7 are company owned.  The company supports all clients and monitoring authorities with a state of the art 24/7 bilingual call center located in Irving, TX.

As the first provider to offer a camera with its ignition interlock, Smart Start holds a patent on its camera technology.  In 2009, Smart Start introduced a device for home monitoring - Smart Start IN-HOM®.  The IN-HOM device is portable and fully programmable based on monitoring requirements.  IN-HOM allows a client to continue to travel or work without the use of straps, base units or additional phone lines.  The unit only requires a standard wall outlet to operate, is camera equipped and competitively priced.

The quality of Smart Start devices, their ease of operation, access to over 1000 service centers and a 24/7 bilingual Customer Support Center make Smart Start the vendor of choice for both clients and monitors.  Its commitment to State of the Art Technology and Best of Class Service has established Smart Start as the industry leader.  Smart Start's focus has not been limited to hardware.  It has also developed proprietary software systems in-house (SmarTrac® and SmartWeb®) to deliver flexiblity, accuracy, customization and ease of reporting.

In 2012, Smart Start is introducing its second and third generation camera modules as well as a module with GPS and cellular capability.  Other new technologies and services are underdevelopment which could propel Smart Start into new monitoring arenas.

Vertically integrated, Smart Start is the only firm in the industry that designs, develops, manufactures and markets both its product line and all support functions.  The company was recently awarded ISO9001 Certification for its manufacturing processes.

Ignition interlocks have proven to reduce death, bodily injury and property damage caused by drunk drivers. Monitoring is frequently a preferable alternative to jail time, reducing costs to taxpayers.  Separating Drinking from Driving® allows offenders to work off their fines, support their families, pay their taxes, pursue treatment and contribute to society.  Smart Start ... Setting The Standard In Alcohol Monitoring Technology



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Jim Ballard - President and COO


Debra Coffey - Vice President, Government Affairs