Monitoring Authorities



Smart Start understands the responsibility you have as a monitoring authority. People’s lives – and lifestyles – are at stake. We are the acknowledged industry leader and have what no other ignition interlock supplier has: control during the entire process, encompassing manufacturing, installation & service, as well as comprehensive monitoring & reporting.

When you get data from one of Smart Start’s devices, you can rest assured the data is accurate and has not been compromised.

Photo ID Technology

Smart Start’s Photo ID technology helps you finally answer the question, “Who took the breath test?”

Smart Start’s state-of-the-art camera module was developed to assist monitoring authorities supervise interlock offenders. The patented technology ties photographs of the interlock user to their device, identifying who is actually taking the breath test, on each and every test or attempted test. It can be added as an additional sanction of the offender’s interlock program; because each photo is dated and time stamped, there is no confusion about who provided the breath sample.

Smart Start photo capabilities come standard on the IN-HOM™ S.M.A.R.T. Mobile™, Cellular, and Standard home alcohol monitoring devices. It is available in many states as an optional feature in the  SSI-20/30™ and SSI-20/20™ interlock devices.

At Smart Start, we are monitoring authority friendly

Service Driven

  • Smart Start representatives are available for court appearances or to discuss cases
  • Call toll-free for information on any location at 1.844.783.0979
  • Prompt, professional response to inquiries and requests
  • More than 20 years of expertise with ignition interlock programs
  • Free training available to probation, pre-trial, prosecution, parole, court services and DMV/DPS divisions

Timely, Comprehensive Monitoring Reports

  • Activity reports document each client’s compliance
  • Flexible and customize-able to your jurisdiction
  • Computer-interpreted – provides alerts on violations and concerns, removing human interpretation
  • Reports available within hours of a service visit
  • Choice of delivery options: e-mail, fax, mail or online via SmartWeb®
  • Smart Start is the acknowledged industry leader in ignition interlock reporting.

No other company provides such sophisticated and reliable information

The device’s microchip records, dates, and time stamps all events including breath test results, tampering attempts, engine starts/stops, retest results and more.

We make numerous other reports available to monitoring authorities, and archive all client records from installation to removal. Smart Start is very responsive to all monitoring authority’s requests for information, to discuss cases or to provide expert testimony.

After the data is downloaded during the customer’s service visit, Smart Start’s proprietary SmartLog® software is used to generate an interpreted, at-a-glance activity report documenting how offenders are complying with their interlock requirements.

Unlike competitors’ interlock reports, SmartLog provides consistent and repeatable interpretations that are easy to read and readily tailored to fit the needs of a specific jurisdiction.

SmartLog information is automatically forwarded to the appropriate monitoring authority within hours of the service center visit. Smart Start makes it easy and convenient for monitoring authorities to access these reports by offering them via U.S. mail, fax, and e-mail or on the Internet, using our SmartWeb report retrieval system.

SmartWeb® Report Retrieval System

Smart Start introduced SmartWeb to allow monitoring authorities to access client Monitoring and Violation Reports through the Internet.

Call us at 1.844.783.0979 or register online for SmartWeb access. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can get immediate access: start receiving client reports, view client detail data history, see when the client’s next appointment is, and where they service.

Login to SmartWeb

In order to access SmartWeb, you must have Internet and e-mail access and Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher, which can be downloaded free of charge at

System Requirements:

  • Web access
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Verifiable government e-mail address
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher

Smart Start products are state-of-the-art

The highly advanced SSI-20/30™, SSI-20/20™  and IN-HOM™ breath alcohol testing devices were developed exclusively for Smart Start. Combined with our proprietary software, they are easy to use, difficult to bypass and flexible in application.

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