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Rebate Form

This rebate form is used for all authorized Smart Start rebate offers.

Please carefully review the rebate program requirements and information on how to apply for a booking fee rebate.

Submitting a rebate application does not guarantee you will receive a rebate.

Rebate Eligibility

  • Must be enrolled in rebate program
  • Booking fee must be paid prior to installation date
  • Ignition Interlock must be installed
  • Rebate form must be completed and submitted within 30 days of installation
  • Valid email address must be provided


  • Failure to install on date of installation appointment
  • Failure to canceled/reschedule 24 hours prior to Installation appointment
  • Booking fee was not paid prior to installation date
  • Valid email address was not provided
  • Installation and removal of ignition interlock occurred same day

If you feel that you qualify:

  1. Complete the rebate form
  2. Allow up to 30 days for review
  3. If you are approved, you will receive an email from reward@virtualrewardcenter.com with further instructions
  4. If you are disqualified, you will receive an email with information regarding the disqualification

All rebate submissions must contain the above required information and be submitted to Smart Start within thirty days of installing the ignition interlock device to receive the requested rebate.