Willamette Valley Stepping Up DUI Patrols

oregon_downtown560x218This weekend many in Oregon will put on their best green, some will pretend to be Irish, and everyone will enjoy a few green beers. After all, it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and nothing says drinking holiday quite like St. Patrick’s Day. This year the holiday falls on a Tuesday so many will celebrate this weekend. St. Patrick’s Day is historically known as a drinking holiday, thus the police are reacting appropriately and increasing their drunk driving patrols throughout the state.

Officers all over Oregon know this to be the case and efforts to prevent drunk driving are being heightened. Deputies from Marion County and Salem County have released statements saying they will also join in the increased efforts for this weekend, helping remove drunk drivers from the road. These added patrols are being funded by grants from Oregon’s Department of Transportation.

Officers are encouraging those who will be celebrating to not be a statistic this weekend. Almost half of those killed in accidents on St. Patrick’s Day, are killed in drunk driving related crashes.

If you are going to be celebrating this weekend Smart Start of Oregon wants to encourage you to drive safe. This means appointing a designated driver to be sure you arrive safely at the end of the evening. If you cannot appoint a designated driver perhaps you will instead choose to use a taxi. There are also alternative choices like Uber or Lyft. You may think these options are expensive, but they are considerably less expensive than getting a DUII.

The most important thing is that you enjoy your weekend safely.