What to Expect with the Smart Start Nevada Ignition Interlock Program

Smart Start Ignition Interlock Client Handed Over Car Keys from Technician

Are you in Nevada and need to use an Ignition Interlock Device? If you chose Smart Start as your provider, take a breath and relax. We are the most convenient and seamless Ignition Interlock program in Nevada! Let’s go over what you can expect step-by-step throughout your Smart Start Nevada Ignition Interlock program, and why we are the best Ignition Interlock choice for you.

What to Bring to Your Smart Start Ignition Interlock Installation Appointment

First, when you choose an Ignition Interlock provider, you must set up an installation appointment and provide some information. This process will not take long, especially with Smart Start’s knowledgeable and friendly Customer Care Center. Once you’ve set up a day and time for your installation appointment, the agent will also inform you which service center is closest to you.

Now let’s talk about the installation appointment itself. Make sure to bring the following items with you to your installation appointment.

  • Your driver’s license or photo ID
  • Proof of your vehicle registration
  • Your payment for the installation and your first month’s lease (By the way, Smart Start has the fairest pricing in Nevada!)

When you arrive at our service center, we’ll promptly start installing the Ignition Interlock Device carefully into your vehicle. While the installation is happening, you’ll sign some paperwork and watch a helpful Ignition Interlock training video that explains your Smart Start program. In Nevada, your Ignition Interlock breath test is a straight-hum, which is a very easy pattern to use. Our expert technicians will also show you how to test with your Ignition Interlock comfortably before you leave.

Next, let’s explain how your random running retests work.

Random Running Retests

A random running retest are the tests you perform with your Ignition Interlock after you start your vehicle. Smart Start recommends you pull over and safely take these tests, otherwise known as random rolling retests, during your drive. In Nevada, you’ll have up to six minutes to provide a test.

You’ll also be notified by your technician and service agent about calibration appointments, which can happen monthly, depending on your program requirements.

Calibration Appointments

Calibrations are a requirement throughout your program and are a way to ‘refresh’ your Ignition Interlock Device. You’ll visit your nearest Smart Start service center monthly so our technicians can check your Ignition Interlock and make sure it’s working properly. These appointments will only last a few minutes so you can get back to your routine in no time!

Removal Appointment

When you’ve successfully completed your program, you’ll need to follow a few steps before removing your Ignition Interlock Device.

  • Make sure you have proper approval from your Ignition Interlock oversight authority before scheduling a removal appointment.
    • Under a pre-trial or probation condition? Submit your original court orders with the terms of your Ignition Interlock or a copy of Minutes. You can also contact your court authority to obtain your authorization.
    • Under the DMV? Contact the Nebraska DMV to receive removal verification.

Now you know the basics about your Nevada Ignition Interlock program. If you have any other questions about your Smart Start Nevada experience, you’ll have the best customer service team on your side at all times. Just call (800) 831-3299 and we’ll help you quickly.

Install a Smart Start Nevada Ignition Interlock

Get back on the road with Nevada’s best Ignition Interlock provider, Smart Start! We offer same-day or next-day installation appointments if you need an Ignition Interlock as soon as possible. Schedule your appointment right away by calling (800) 831-3299 or by filling out our online form.