Video Shows Value of Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock Program

When you need answers about Ignition Interlock, there’s nobody better to ask than a Smart Start Business Development Representative (BDR). With expertise that comes from more than seven years in the business, Kathy Riley does a marvelous job representing Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock Program in an informational video.

Working in her region of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, she recently joined forces with attorney Robert J. Schefter of York, Pa. to create a valuable 30-minute video. It includes specific tips and pointers for what to do after getting a DUI in Pennsylvania, as well as things that set Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock Program apart from the competition. Here are some highlights.

A Fan of Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock Program

During the video, it’s clear that Schefter is a Smart Start believer. That’s not just because of Riley’s skill and expertise, but also because of Smart Start’s reputation. He is quick to point out that many of his clients have had difficult experiences with other interlock companies.

“It’s so important to have a vendor that is reliable, and that you can trust,” Schefter says in the video. “Based on my experience, I recommend Smart Start to my clients because I know Kathleen is an expert. Whether it’s Kathleen or someone else from her company, Smart Start is an expert and is trustworthy, especially in our area.”

What makes Smart Start better?

Expertise Plays an Important Role

Expertise has always been a huge factor in the success of Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock Program. While Schefter’s valuable insight about DUI laws is specific to Pennsylvania, he points out that Ignition Interlock requirements vary widely between states and jurisdictions.

Smart Start has the latest information about all of our locations, but Schefter notes that our knowledge about laws and requirements in Pennsylvania is particularly useful. The information about Ignition Interlock requirements isn’t always crystal clear, he added.

“Even for attorneys and people who do this every day, there are still gray areas and questions that can be difficult to answer,” Schefter said. “That’s why I work with Kathleen. She knows all the updates, and she keeps me updated as well. That’s why it’s so important to have a good lawyer and a good Ignition Interlock vendor to help you through the process.”

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Deceptive Sales Practices Create an Industry Challenge

Schefter points out a problem that has surfaced in Pennsylvania and a number of other states. Many Ignition Interlock Programs will try to send DUI offenders information that looks official – in this case, like it came officially from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

“I’ve had clients who call and tell me that they got a letter that looks very official, like it’s from PennDOT, telling them that they have to get Ignition Interlock right away,” Schefter said. “It looks like an official letter but it’s not. It’s a letter from a vendor – not Smart Start – that looks like an official notice.”

In Pennsylvania and many other jurisdictions, he said, “You need to understand that you’re going to get an official letter that’s going to notify you about your suspension. It will have a specific effective date, and all the information about your suspension.”

After that initial communication, he said, any other letter that looks like it’s official is going to be an advertisement. “It’s misleading because it looks like it’s from PennDOT, and it gives you the wrong information about your Ignition Interlock,” he said. “In my mind, this is false advertising.”

“You’re not going to get that kind of misleading advertisement from Smart Start,” he added. “They’re not going to send out false information.”

Locations in Pennsylvania – and everywhere

Be an Informed Consumer

Riley says that potential Ignition Interlock clients can do themselves a big service by doing their homework before getting a device installed. It isn’t just about equipment, she added, but about the company that’s providing the service.

Partners like Robert Schefter trust our expertise, integrity and transparency. Our clients count on convenience, superior service, easy-to-understand pricing with no “gotcha” charges, and 24/7/365 multilingual customer care. That’s exactly what sets Smart Start apart.

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