Utah’s New .05 BAC Law is Strictest in the Nation

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A new law that takes effect December 2018 will declare Utah as having the strictest blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in the nation.  The .05 BAC law will be the lowest limit nationwide. The rest of the nation’s legal limit is .08.

Utah’s New .05 BAC Law Sparks Opposition, Approval

According to a news article on the subject, some organizations oppose the measure of lowering Utah’s BAC legal limit to .05. One organization said in an ad that people older than 65 are more impaired while driving compared to someone with a BAC level of .05. This statement was later refuted and the NHTSA study they refer to has not been found.

In addition, it has also been proven that someone driving with a .05 BAC level is still impaired.

Others organizations, such as the National Transportation Safety Board, have recommended all other states follow suit and lower their legal BAC level to .05 as well. Therefore, with the BAC limit lowering throughout the U.S., overall public safety improves.

Despite the controversy surrounding the new law, it is good that the state is focusing on reducing drunken driving. Utah’s seen 276 traffic fatalities that were alcohol-related in 2015.

That number is up 8 percent from 256 in 2014.

Ignition Interlocks: The Tool to Stop Drunk Driving

Lowering the BAC legal limit is a less common way of combating drunk driving.

What most states see in successfully reducing drunk driving is installing an Ignition Interlock into all DUI offenders’ vehicles. With an all-offender law, Ignition Interlocks will combat repeat drunk driving offenders.  All-offender states saw a major difference on their roadways, with a reduction in drunk driving repeat offenses by 67 percent.

An Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is a tool that physically stops someone from starting their car when they are impaired. The IID has a fail set limit, and if the person blows into the mouthpiece and reaches that limit, they will not be able to drive their vehicle.

Whether your state has a legal BAC limit of .05 or .08, Smart Start recommends drinking responsibly.

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