Top Cop has Computer Background

backontheroad1Officer Jim Abeles was once a software entrepreneur, acting as CEO for the Portland-based tech company Pre1. At age 47, Abeles decided that he was going to leave the software world and chase a 30-year-old dream: becoming a police officer. Abeles is excited to be able to finally accomplish a life-long dream, and never have to wonder “what-if” ever again.

In 2014 Abeles made 65 arrests of DUI offenders in the Willamette area. He was the number one DUI officer in the West Linn district. His 65 arrests were more than the other two-dozen West Linn police officers combined.

In the mid-’80s Abeles went on a ride-along with police officers, and a dream was born. He sat in the backseat of a patrol car for eight hours and observed how officers responded to different calls in North Portland. Abeles had always wanted to help people, and he realized that officers treated people much different than the way he had seen it portrayed on television.

After graduating from college, Jim Abeles decided to pursue other dreams that he believed would be more lucrative. But a few years ago he bid on a ride-along opportunity at a silent auction and won. He realized during that ride-along that he was still very interested in becoming a police officer. Abeles left his software company and joined the police academy.

Abeles now specializes in DUI offenders, wanting to remove them from the road to keep others safe. He has several things he uses as indicators including speed, erratic decision making, and swerving.