Smart Start of California announces new locations

Friday, June 2, 2006


WOODLAND HILLS , Calif. — The California franchise of the nation’s largest ignition interlock device company, Smart Start, Inc., announces four new installation locations.

Smart Start, Inc. specializes in helping people throughout the nation to drive sober. Steve Rogers, the president of Smart Start of California, is thrilled to offer services to clients in the areas of Delano , Fresno , Salinas and San Jose .

“Now folks in these areas have convenient access to ignition interlock installation and calibration,” said Rogers . “We never want someone to lose driving privileges because they can’t get to an installation location.”

An ignition interlock device, which is installed on the steering column of a car, is a small breath-alcohol testing machine. The device will prevent the car from starting if the driver has a blood alcohol content above a certain limit.

The device can either be court-ordered or DMV-ordered for those arrested for DUI. Smart Start of California also operates a volunteer program for those who simply want to have an ignition interlock in place for their own safety or for the safety loved ones that are suspected of driving under the influence.

“We strive to help all people drive safely, regardless of their criminal records or driving history,” said Rogers .

Smart Start of California has 21 locations throughout the state.


For more information, contact Steve Rogers, 1-888-289-5669.