U.K. Study: Portable Alcohol Monitoring in Family Situations

As the worldwide leader in alcohol testing and monitoring, we understand that alcohol-related behaviors often play a huge role in domestic issues for your clients. Portable alcohol monitoring in family situations can be a valuable tool in securing the well-being of children and parents.

That’s why we created SmartMobile™. It’s a customizable, portable alcohol monitoring device for families that can help everyone feel more secure in a wide range of circumstances. It’s more robust – and typically less expensive – than other alcohol monitoring alternatives. A recent study in the United Kingdom helped prove how valuable SmartMobile can be in domestic situations.

Webinar: Show Me an Intro to SmartMobile

A Solution Backed by Positive Results

Harrow Council Children’s Services in London, England, used SmartMobile in a groundbreaking trial that monitored alcohol-related behaviors in 75 families. Parents were tested for alcohol use several times a day, helping case managers identify the extent of the problem and ensuring the safety of family members.

Of the parents who participated, 76 percent said they believed SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring for family situations had reduced case managers’ concerns about their families. A number of case managers agreed:

  • “The accountability sustained by the device was absolutely vital in the mother’s continued abstinence.”
  • “The device was able to empower the mother and inform the social worker’s assessment with rich and reliable data.”
  • “(SmartMobile) supports the mother in order to emphasize boundaries after a relapse.  She continues to access substance abuse therapy.”

Tell Me More About SmartMobile

Rich Information, Real-Time Notification

SmartMobile is the most versatile, customizable solution on the market. Working in concert with our SmartWeb™ online case management technology, it provides:

  • GPS location data, along with visual verification during testing.
  • Customization of test schedules, including random or on-demand tests.
  • Text or e-mail alerts that keep you informed about missed tests or violations in real-time or 24-hour reports – whichever you prefer.
  • Robust cellular connection to SmartWeb, without relying on a phone or app.

SmartWeb & Mobile Alcohol Monitoring

Court Admissible Data is Stored Onboard

In many cases, it’s important to show that your client has been adhering to any rules involving alcohol consumption as part of custody or support claims. The test data stored on SmartMobile meets the Frye standard for admissibility of scientific evidence.

How Can SmartMobile Help Your Clients?

Learn more by contacting your Smart Start Business Development Rep. They can show you the difference between SmartMobile and other less-rigorous solutions that provide portable alcohol monitoring for family situations. You can also learn more about SmartMobile through our online learning sessions at Smart Start University.

How Smart Start’s Devices Help a Defense Attorney and Their Clients

How can mobile or portable alcohol monitoring help a defense attorney and their clients? Smart Start provides the best Ignition Interlock program worldwide, but we also offer other services such as our portable device to help our clients achieve sobriety and accountability.

There are several benefits to Smart Start’s program that guarantee a seamless experience for the client such as fair pricing, convenient locations and a friendly team standing by to assist at all hours during their device program.

However, alcohol monitoring devices can also benefit the client’s case in several ways before the court hearing even occurs. And defense attorneys are taking advantage of the devices available to their clients. So, how does Smart Start do this exactly with our Interlock Devices and our portable alcohol monitoring device, the SMART Mobile?

Establishing a Record of Sobriety with an Alcohol Monitoring Device

Several attorneys who either recommend using an Interlock Device and/or SMART Mobile can establish for their clients a record of sobriety and accountability before the court hearing. In some cases, this could lead to a reduced sentence or plea deal, but this decision is at the judge’s discretion in their respective jurisdiction!  This information can be valuable to the attorney so they can provide a pattern of sobriety and responsibility regarding their client’s case.  In some cases, it can be used by the attorney to share with prosecution and the court to show this sobriety and accountability pattern.

In Texas, defense attorneys are taking  advantage of alcohol monitoring devices  and this approach  to strengthen their client’s case. If an alcohol monitoring device is not a requirement, attorneys may still recommend a voluntary program to establish a record of sobriety.

Chemical, Blood or Breath Tests for DUI Cases

There’s also some jurisdictions, like several counties in Washington, where there could be a delay in filing test results. It could be a few months for a blood result to come in. Breath results are also dependent on how quickly the county can file and backlog these cases. With this gap, there could be some concern about recidivism with the client or if an attorney is concerned about a client’s dependency on alcohol.

In any case, there are many ways that Smart Start’s devices can assist both defense attorneys and their clients. If you need any more information about our program, our friendly Customer Care Center is available at (800) 831-3299!

Need to Install an Ignition Interlock?

Schedule your installation appointment today by calling (800) 831-3299 or by filling out our online form.

What Exactly is Alcohol Monitoring Technology and What Are the Different Types?

In the criminal justice system, a good number of offenders suffer from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction. That’s why there are various types of alcohol monitoring technology that can be court-ordered or mandated by the state, specific to Ignition Interlock laws in each state.

However, some technologies are also an option to ensure one’s safety. For example, parents could order an Ignition Interlock Device on a voluntary basis for their college-bound child’s vehicle.

Alcohol Monitoring Technology in the Court Room

Through the years, justice authorities have determined that the use of reliable testing and technology assists those who suffer from alcohol abuse or addiction. There are a variety of alcohol monitoring technologies that are more suitable to the specific risk level of the client, such as high or low risk.

Here are the different types of alcohol monitoring technology.

  • Ignition Interlocks
  • Continuous – Transdermal ankle bracelets
  • Random – EtG tests (urinalysis) and personal breath testers (PBTs)
  • Portable – SMART Mobile

Ignition Interlocks – Preventing Drunk Driving

Out of the types of alcohol monitoring technology, Ignition Interlocks are the only tools that can Separate Drinking From Driving®. That’s why Ignition Interlocks are mandatory in 30 states and D.C. for all DUI offenses, and the remaining 20 only require Ignition Interlocks for repeat or high-BAC offenses.

But all-offender Ignition Interlock laws are working. In a recent study, states with mandatory Ignition Interlock laws saw a decrease in fatal drunk driving crashes.

Other Types of Alcohol Monitoring Technology


Other alcohol monitoring technologies such as continuous alcohol monitoring, have a different goal. Continuous alcohol monitoring aims to monitor the user’s alcohol consumption through the skin every 30 minutes, but these devices can’t physically Separate Drinking From Driving®. The transdermal ankle bracelet, when court-ordered, is usually paid by the offender or through the courts.


EtG (urine-based) tests and PBTs fall under random alcohol monitoring. For example, someone who is court-ordered to undergo random testing could visit a clinic and provide a urine sample to measure their alcohol consumption. Random tests prove to be effective if tested at least three times a week to ensure someone has no alcohol in their system.

Breathalyzers such as PBTs also fall under random alcohol monitoring. PBTs are used by law enforcement during roadside testing and sobriety checkpoints as well as in probation and specialty courts.


Portable alcohol monitoring, such as Smart Start’s SMART Mobile, is a remote device that can measure the user’s BrAC like the Ignition Interlock. The courts can order a portable alcohol monitoring device for an individual under pre-trial, probation, and/or parole supervision, as well as a participant in a specialty court. SMART Mobile is a cellular device with immediate violation notifications. Its custom test windows, either on schedule or random, are good to use for all risk levels.

Alcohol monitoring technologies are an effective solution to assist those in the criminal justice system in holding them accountable with their supervision and treatment.

These tools also prevent dangerous decisions such as drunk driving. Ignition Interlocks in particular physically stop someone from starting their vehicle drunk. With more support from the courts in using this technology, and states enacting stronger laws against drunk driving, the U.S. will see a safer environment overall.

Need an Ignition Interlock or Portable Alcohol Monitoring Solution?

Choose Smart Start, the ultimate worldwide provider of alcohol monitoring technology. If you need to install an Ignition Interlock, or you have questions about the court-ordered SMART Mobile, call our Customer Care Center today at (800) 831-3299. For Ignition Interlock installations, you can also fill out our simple online form.

Is SmartMobile the Best Portable Alcohol Monitoring Technology? 2017 NACDL Conference Recap

Smart Start was one of 500 attendees who were at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) conference to learn more about the criminal justice system and how members of the industry can advance their mission of ensuring due process for individuals accused of crime.

Smart Start supports NACDL in its mission to preserve fairness in the American criminal justice system. One presentation during NACDL’s conference featured SmartMobile™, Smart Start’s portable alcohol monitoring device.

SmartMobile Featured in Presentation at NACDL Conference

Attorney William Kirk was the presenter, who serves as Assistant Dean on the Board of Regents for the National College for DUI Defense, as well as other organizations and state bar associations.

At the NACDL conference, Kirk tested himself with various alcohol monitoring tools, such as:

When speaking on portable devices, Kirk highlighted SmartMobile’s various features and how it can benefit individuals who need to use the device through a court order. He says that “[portable] monitoring is the next generation. And experience … shows me that these devices are well worth the investment when compared with more traditional … devices.”

SmartMobile is a handheld unit that can detect someone’s breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) by the user blowing into the mouthpiece.

Because of its immediate violation notifications, as well as being easy to use for clients, Kirk praised SmartMobile as an effective alcohol monitoring tool. One highlight of SmartMobile that he mentions is its customized testing times. This feature is advantageous as it can prevent any disturbance with a client’s day-to-day routine. However, SmartMobile can be set to include random testing if necessary.

As a lawyer, Kirk suggests SmartMobile to the judge as a device his clients can use to confirm their recovery from alcohol. SmartMobile has also been proven to be court-admissible based on a published probation hearing.

Want more information about Smart Start?

Smart Start is a worldwide alcohol monitoring company with reliable devices and superior customer service. If you need more information about the No. 1 Ignition Interlock and portable alcohol monitoring device provider, call our team today at (800) 831-3299.

[SPANISH] Smart Start’s SmartMobile Training Video

Transcript Below:

Hola y bienvenidos a Smart Start. Entendemos que se le ha ordenado utilizar un dispositivo de control de alcohol portátil. Con su SmartMobile™, le ayudaremos a completar su programa con éxito. En este video de entrenamiento le mostraremos el dispositivo SmartMobile, cómo funciona, las ventanas de prueba y mucho más para que esté preparado para usar su SmartMobile. Si necesita revisar una sección determinada del video, vuelva al menú principal y seleccione la sección que desea volver a ver. También puede revisar el video de nuevo en SMARTSTARTINC.COM.

Su SmartMobile viene en un estuche protector con dos boquillas, un cargador y un cable de carga, además del manual de usuario y una guía de referencia rápida. Si es necesario, su centro de servicio o su autoridad de control le podrán proporcionar más boquillas.

Cargar su SmartMobile es fácil y práctico. Como es un producto que funciona con una batería, Smart Start recomienda enchufar y cargar su dispositivo durante la noche. El dispositivo puede funcionar hasta cinco días con una carga completa. Cuando esté cargue lo suficiente, su SmartMobile se activará durante una ventana de prueba. El ícono de la batería en la parte superior de la pantalla del SmartMobile le mostrará la cantidad de energía de la batería disponible. También puede comprobar el nivel de la batería en las opciones de menú. Es su responsabilidad asegurarse de que su SmartMobile mantenga la carga suficiente para proporcionar todas las pruebas necesarias y garantizar su funcionamiento adecuado.
Su SmartMobile tiene un menú donde podrá encontrar información sobre las citas programadas, el nivel de batería y la fuerza de la señal celular. Para acceder al MENÚ, presione el botón «seleccionar» en la parte superior izquierda del teclado. Use las teclas UP (arriba) o DOWN (abajo) para desplazarse por el menú y utilice las teclas SELECT (seleccionar) izquierda o derecha para acceder a los elementos específicos. Para SALIR del MENÚ, pulse el botón SELECT superior derecho. Su SmartMobile entrará automáticamente en el modo de ahorro de energía cuando no esté en uso. Puede activarlo de nuevo pulsando las teclas STAR (asterisco), ZERO (cero) o POUND (numeral) en el teclado. Si no proporciona una muestra de aliento dentro de los primeros minutos de la activación de la ventana de prueba, su SmartMobile entrará en modo suspensión. Tenga en cuenta que su ventana de prueba todavía estará abierta y el dispositivo emitirá un sonido cada minuto para recordarle que debe suministrar una muestra de aliento.
A continuación, le hablaremos sobre el dispositivo que va a utilizar. El SmartMobile es un dispositivo portátil que mide el nivel de BrAC en su sistema o la concentración de alcohol en el aliento. Su dispositivo le pedirá realizar una prueba de aliento durante ventanas de prueba programadas o aleatorias. El SmartMobile también puede identificarlo al tomarle una foto y comprobar su ubicación en el momento de una prueba aprobada, fallida u omitida.

Hacer una prueba es fácil. Es muy importante que se enjuague la boca con agua antes de hacer cualquier prueba de aliento para eliminar los contaminantes. Sostenga su SmartMobile como se muestra y mire hacia la cámara en la parte superior de la pantalla. La cámara detectará su cara durante la prueba y no debe ser bloqueada. Sus labios deben estar completamente sellados alrededor de todo el extremo de la boquilla. Respire profundamente y sople de manera constante en el dispositivo durante tres o cuatro segundos hasta que escuche un clic. Recuerde inhalar lejos del dispositivo y exhalar directamente en la boquilla. El dispositivo le mostrará lo siguiente: PASS, WARNING, FAIL o VIOLATION después de tomar una prueba. Le explicaremos los diferentes resultados de las pruebas más adelante en el video.

Retire la boquilla del envase protector e insértela en su SmartMobile. Debe hacerlo tal y como le mostramos o no funcionará correctamente. Mantenga el dispositivo alejado de líquidos. Cuando limpie su SmartMobile, desconecte el cable USB y utilice un paño suave.

Las ventanas de prueba de su SmartMobile se programan para satisfacer las necesidades de su autoridad de control. Durante una ventana de prueba, el dispositivo emitirá un sonido, que le notifica que es una prueba, y mostrará un conteo del tiempo necesario para realizar la misma. Si la ventana de prueba está a punto de expirar, el sonido aumentará en frecuencia y volumen.

Si obtiene una prueba fallida, se le pedirá que realice dos pruebas nuevas. Su autoridad de control quizás necesite pruebas adicionales. Enjuague su boca con agua antes de proporcionar las pruebas posteriores necesarias después de obtener una prueba fallida. Se realizará un informe de infracción y será enviado a su autoridad de control después de cualquier prueba fallida u omitida. Se considerará una infracción no tomar todas las pruebas requeridas.


Su autoridad de control le solicitará ventanas de prueba que pueden ser programadas, aleatorias o a petición. Para las pruebas programadas, el SmartMobile le mostrará la fecha de la próxima prueba y la hora en la pantalla de «READY» (listo). Para las pruebas aleatorias, la pantalla mostrará «NEXT TEST RANDOM» (próxima prueba aleatoria). Usted no sabrá cuándo será la prueba, por lo que es importante que siempre mantenga su SmartMobile consigo. Para las ventanas de pruebas programadas y aleatorias, su dispositivo se activará y emitirá un sonido cuando deba realizar una prueba. Por último, es posible que tenga que hacer pruebas a petición. Su autoridad de control le pedirá que realice una prueba a petición de inmediato y en el momento en que se pongan en contacto con usted.

Su SmartMobile cargará todos los resultados de las pruebas después de que cada ventana de prueba se cierre y la pantalla mostrará el mensaje «DATA UPLOAD» (carga de datos). Su autoridad de control solo será notificada cuando una prueba de aliento sea fallida u omitida. Mientras su dispositivo esté en «DATA UPLOAD», no podrá proporcionar una muestra de aliento. La carga de datos tomará solo unos minutos. Una vez completado, el dispositivo mostrará «READY» de nuevo con la siguiente ventana de prueba programada en la parte de abajo. Para lograr una carga de datos exitosa, asegúrese de que su dispositivo esté en una zona con una buena conectividad celular. Podrá proporcionar una prueba de aliento cada vez que el dispositivo esté en modo «READY».

La tecnología de la cámara del SmartMobile identificará su rostro cuando haga una prueba. Asegúrese de que esté en un área bien iluminada donde su cara se vea con claridad y cerciórese de estar vestido adecuadamente para la foto al tomar la prueba. Si el SmartMobile no detecta su cara, la prueba se cancelará (ABORT) y la pantalla mostrará «FACE NOT DETECTED» (rostro no detectado). Se le pedirá hacer otra prueba. Sostenga el dispositivo como se muestra para aprobar una prueba. Si sostiene su dispositivo en cualquier otra posición, puede obtener una prueba fallida debido a que su rostro no es visible. Tenga en cuenta las fuentes de luz principales que se encuentren detrás de usted, como el sol o la iluminación fluorescente, que podrían distorsionar su cara en la cámara del SmartMobile.

Su SmartMobile no permitirá realizar una prueba en el dispositivo si la temperatura del mismo es demasiado fría o demasiado caliente. Tenga en cuenta que los calentadores internos dentro de su dispositivo acelerarán el tiempo requerido para que su dispositivo alcance la temperatura de funcionamiento. Los calentadores internos no se ejecutan fuera de la batería, pero deberá conectar el dispositivo a una fuente de energía, sobre todo cuando el dispositivo diga «TOO COLD» (demasiado frío). Mantenga el dispositivo dentro de las condiciones normales a temperatura ambiente.


Si se presenta una muestra de prueba incompleta, su SmartMobile le mostrará mensajes para ayudarlo con los intentos de repetición de la prueba.

Si su dispositivo dice: «Test Incomplete – Blow Harder» (prueba incompleta, sople más fuerte), esto significa que necesita soplar durante más tiempo y con más presión; «Test Incomplete – Blow Softer» (prueba incompleta, sople menos), significa que sopló demasiado fuerte. «Test Incomplete – Don’t Inhale» (prueba incompleta, no inhale), significa que el dispositivo detectó la inhalación durante la prueba; recuerde solo exhalar en la boquilla. «Test Error – Tamper Detect» (error de prueba, detección de manipulación), indica que el dispositivo detecta una muestra de aliento que no cumple con los requisitos de pruebas de SmartMobile. Asegúrese de que no esté bloqueando la rejilla de ventilación en la parte inferior del dispositivo durante la prueba.


Su SmartMobile mostrará PASS, WARNING o VIOLATION de una prueba de aliento completada. Una WARNING (advertencia) significa que el dispositivo detecta una cierta concentración de alcohol, pero está por debajo del nivel de fallo por VIOLATION. Una advertencia no activará la repetición de la prueba.

Una VIOLATION (infracción) sucede cuando su SmartMobile detecta cualquier tipo de alcohol igual o superior al nivel de fallo establecido por su autoridad de control. El dispositivo mostrará automáticamente «VIOLATION» y le pedirá que vuelva a realizar la prueba. Las pruebas omitidas también se considerarán una VIOLATION. Podrá encontrar las definiciones de sus mensajes en la guía de referencia rápida. La manipulación de su SmartMobile será considerada una infracción de su programa.
Su manual de usuario contiene una lista completa de todos los mensajes que pueden aparecer al usar su dispositivo SmartMobile. La guía de referencia también se proporciona para darle las directrices de uso básicas y descripciones de los mensajes de la pantalla. Si necesita ayuda adicional relacionada con el uso del producto, no dude en llamar a Smart Start en cualquier momento al 1-800-880-3394 para hablar con un especialista de atención al cliente. Para obtener información acerca de su programa, por favor, contacte a su autoridad de control. Si necesita revisar una sección determinada del video, vuelva al menú principal y seleccione la sección que desea volver a ver. También puede ver el vídeo de nuevo en smartstartinc.com debajo de la pestaña de atención al cliente. Gracias por su atención y por permitir que Smart Start le ayude con el éxito de su programa.

Smart Start’s Training Video – SmartMobile (ENGLISH)


Video Script Below:

Hello, and welcome to Smart Start. We understand that you have been ordered to use a portable alcohol monitoring device. With your SmartMobile™, we will help you get through your program successfully. In this training video, we will show you the SmartMobile device, how it works, testing windows, and more so you are prepared to use your SmartMobile. If you need to review a certain section of the video, please return to the Main Menu and select the section you wish to see again. You can also review this video again at SMARTSTARTINC.COM.

Parts of the SmartMobile

Your SmartMobile comes in a protective carrying case with two mouthpieces, a charger, and a charging cord, plus a user manual and quick reference guide. If needed, your service location or your monitoring authority can provide you with more mouthpieces.

Charging your SmartMobile is easy and convenient. As a battery-powered product, Smart Start recommends plugging in and charging your device during the night. The device can run up to five days on a full battery. When sufficiently charged, the device will wake up during a test window. The battery icon at the top of your SmartMobile’s screen will show you how much battery power is available. You also can check the battery level and your next scheduled service appointment under the menu options. It is your responsibility to ensure your SmartMobile maintains a sufficient charge to provide all your required tests and ensure its proper functionality.

How do I take a test with my SmartMobile?

Let’s explain the device you will be using. The SmartMobile is a portable device that measures the BrAC level, or breath alcohol concentration, in your system. Your device requires you to take a breath test during scheduled, or random, test windows. The SmartMobile can also identify you by taking your picture and noting your location at the time of a passed, failed or skipped test.

Taking a test is easy. Remove the mouthpiece from the protective packaging and insert into your SmartMobile. The mouthpiece must be inserted as shown, or it will not operate properly. Keep the device away from liquids. It is very important that you rinse your mouth with water before taking any breath test to eliminate contaminants.

During a test window, your device will beep, notifying you of a test, and will display a countdown of the time remaining to take your test. If the test window is about to expire, the beeping will increase in frequency and volume.

Hold your SmartMobile as shown, and look into the camera at the top of the display. The camera will detect your face during the test and should not be blocked. Your lips should be fully sealed around the entire end of the mouthpiece. Take a deep breath and blow steadily into the device for three to four seconds until you hear a click. Remember to inhale away from the device, then exhale into the mouthpiece. Your device will either show a PASS or VIOLATION after taking a test. With a failed test, you will be required to take two re-tests. Your monitoring authority may require additional re-tests. It is a violation to not take all required re-tests.

Your SmartMobile will upload all test results after each test window closes and the display will show ‘DATA UPLOAD.’ 

Your monitoring authority will only be notified when a failed breath test or skipped test occurs. While your device is in ‘Data Upload,’ you are not allowed to provide a breath sample. The data upload takes just a few minutes, and once completed, the device will display ‘READY’ again with your next scheduled test window underneath. For a successful data upload, please ensure your device is in an area with good cellular connectivity. You can provide a breath test any time the device is in a ‘READY’ mode.

Test windows

Your monitoring authority will require test windows for you that can be scheduled, random, or on-demand. For scheduled tests, the SmartMobile will display your upcoming test date and time on the ‘READY’ screen. For random tests, the screen will display ‘NEXT TEST RANDOM.’ You will not know when the test will occur, so it is important that you always keep your SmartMobile with you. For scheduled and random test windows, your device will wake up and beep when you need to take a test. You may also be required to take on-demand tests. Your monitoring authority requires you to take an on-demand test immediately once they contact you. If your SmartMobile is in power-saving mode, you can wake it up again by pressing the STAR, ZERO or POUND key on the keypad and take a test to show you are alcohol-free.

SmartMobile display messages

Your SmartMobile displays PASS or VIOLATION from a completed breath test.

A VIOLATION occurs when your SmartMobile detects any type of alcohol at or above the fail level set by your monitoring authority. The device will automatically display ‘VIOLATION,’ and require you to take re-tests. Skipped tests are also considered a VIOLATION. You can find your message definitions in the quick reference guide. Tampering with your SmartMobile will be considered a violation of your program.

Your SmartMobile’s camera technology will identify your face when taking a test. Make sure you are in a well-lit area that illuminates your face clearly. Make sure you are properly clothed for a photo when taking your test. If the SmartMobile does not detect your face, the test will not be completed, and the screen will display ‘FACE NOT DETECTED.’ You will be required to take another test. Hold the device as shown to pass a test. Holding your device in any other position may cause a failed test because your face is not in full view. Be aware of major light sources directly behind you, like the sun or fluorescent lighting, that could be drowning out your face to the SmartMobile camera.

Your SmartMobile will not allow a test on the device if the temperature of the device is too cold or too hot. The internal heaters do not run off the battery, but will require you to plug in the device to a power source, especially when the device reads ‘TOO COLD.’ Keep your device within normal room temperature conditions.

 If an incomplete test sample is provided, your SmartMobile will display messages to assist you with the re-test attempts.

If your device reads ‘Test Incomplete – Blow Harder,’ this means that you need to blow longer and with more pressure. ‘Test Incomplete – Blow Softer,’ means you blew too hard. ‘Test Incomplete – Don’t Inhale,’ means your device detected inhaling during the test. Remember to only exhale into the mouthpiece. ‘Test Error – Tamper Detect’ indicates your device detected a breath sample that did not meet SmartMobile testing requirements. Make sure you are not blocking the vent on the bottom of the device while testing.

Your user manual has a complete list of all messages you may encounter when using your SmartMobile device. The quick reference guide is also provided to give you basic use guidelines and display message descriptions. If you require additional assistance related to product use, do not hesitate to call Smart Start any time at 1-800-880-3394 to speak with a customer care specialist. For information regarding your program, please contact your monitoring authority. If you need to review a certain section of the video, please return to the Main Menu and select the section you wish to review. You can also view this video again at smartstartinc.com under the Customer Support tab.

Thank you for watching, and letting Smart Start partner with you on the success of your program. 

Smart Start Wins Cook County with Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device Services

Cook County, or the Chicago area, will now issue the SmartMobile™ as their court-ordered portable alcohol monitoring device for adult probation and social services.

The current contract between Cook County and Smart Start took effect May 1 this year.

The SmartMobile Advantage

SmartMobile is a portable, lightweight device that measures with precise accuracy the alcohol content in the client’s breath. SmartMobile can issue scheduled, random and/or on-demand test windows to determine a client’s sobriety, ensuring they are successfully completing their program.

To ensure convenience for our clients, the SmartMobile has a user-friendly display with a menu that shows upcoming scheduled tests and appointments. It also alerts the client of an upcoming test with a beeping noise. Our device’s battery can also last up to 120 hours, or five days, without needing to charge.

Tests are also only a few seconds long to complete. In fact, the SmartMobile can be taken anywhere: a plus for clients who need to travel for work or go on vacations.

Why Smart Start?

Smart Start is a nationwide leader that provides alcohol monitoring products, which meet and exceed expectations. Our current products, the SSI-20/20™ Interlock, SSI-20/30™ Interlock and the SmartMobile all have fuel cell technology, the most accurate sensor for breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) readings.

Smart Start also fulfills clients’ needs by providing the best in customer service. Headquartered in Grapevine, TX, our 24/7/365 bilingual customer care center assists clients around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

Smart Start is honored to continue the mission of Setting the Standard in Alcohol Monitoring Technology®, and help clients with the tools they need to reach recovery in Cook County.