NHTSA Releases Ignition Interlock Toolkit For Policymakers

NHTSA releases ignition interlock toolkit for Policymakers. This is the second addition of a Toolkit for Policymakers, Highway Safety Professionals and Advocates,”Ignition Interlocks – What you Need to Know”.  The toolkit is designed to provide basic information regarding ignition interlocks bringing together resources that explain and support the use of ignition interlock in the United States.

This document should be shared with interlock program administrators and policy makers, as these stakeholders design and implement interlock programs in their states.  This kit will guide them through the development of the technology, research, program implementation, vendor selection and management and program costs.

In addition, it features some answers to frequently asked questions and provides a status of State interlock programs.  Ignition Interlocks have been used to prevent impaired driving in the United States for more than 20 years.  This toolkit is designed to advance the understanding of the technology, improving its application as an effective strategy to save lives and prevent impaired driving injuries and crashes.