Why Are There so Many Ignition Interlock Vendors? How Do I Choose the Right One?

Smart Start Technician Training Client on 2030 Interlock Device

If you need an Ignition Interlock, you may be wondering about the vendors who supply them to you. If there’s multiple vendors in one state, it could seem overwhelming to decide which vendor is best. In California for example, there are over 20 Ignition Interlock vendors available.

State-Certified Ignition Interlock Vendors

Here’s the truth. Not all vendors are created the same, and not all are state-certified. If the vendor you choose, such as the mom-and-pop vendor that boasts low costs, is not certified by the state, your time with their Ignition Interlock will not count toward your required Ignition Interlock period. You may even receive additional penalties. Plus, without a reliable device or without 24/7 customer service, your Ignition Interlock vendor is leaving you stranded with no help when you need it the most.

Choose the Right Ignition Interlock Vendor

When you research, make sure your choice provides the right program for you that will count toward your Ignition Interlock requirements. On your Ignition Interlock oversight agency’s website, they will usually provide a list of state-certified providers. Once you have this list, you should visit each of their websites and compare them to see which vendor will work best for you. Make sure you have a list of questions to ask each Ignition Interlock vendor, such as hidden fees, long-term contracts or number of service locations in your area.

Smart Start has been a provider of full-fledged, state and federal-certified Ignition Interlocks since 1992. Robust technology, a customer care team standing by to assist, and plenty of service locations is the kind of program Smart Start promises.

It pays off to choose the stoplight. Smart Start’s assisted over a million Ignition Interlock clients who needed to get back on the road, and we can assist you.

Need an Ignition Interlock?

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