DWI Court Program Reduces Tendency to Re-Offend by 69 Percent

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Minnesota is one of many states that have been pleasantly surprised with the results from their DWI court programs. It turns out that Minnesota’s DWI court program in particular has reduced recidivism among its participants by a resounding 69 percent. Recidivism means the tendency for an individual to re-offend.

These are very promising numbers for Minnesota to prevent drunk driving on their roads. According to the DPS website, 41 percent of drivers in 2015 who were arrested for a DWI in Minnesota had at least one previous drunk driving conviction. And nearly 266,000 Minnesota drivers have more than one DWI on their record. To reveal that drug court participants’ recidivism rates were reduced by nearly 70 percent could lessen these percentages.

What Are DWI Courts?

The Minnesota DWI Court’s focus is to eliminate repeat DWI offenses by embracing a more holistic approach with offenders.

DWI Courts in the U.S. are for DWI/DUI offenders, providing a more focused treatment plan for their offenses, whether drug or alcohol-related. For the past 20 years, DWI Courts throughout the nation have shown their success rate with 75 percent of adult criminal drug court graduates not committing their crimes again.

DWI Courts and Ignition Interlocks Prevent Drunk Driving

DWI Courts help reduce recidivism, and the proper tools such as Ignition Interlocks have been proven to effectively assist as well. They can also prevent drunk driving in a more direct way.

Ignition Interlock Devices can physically stop someone from starting their car if there’s too much alcohol in their system. They are usually a requirement for DWI offenders, although Ignition Interlock laws vary in each state.  In Minnesota, first-time offenders with a BAC level of .16 or above, or repeat offenders, must have an Ignition Interlock to regain their driving privileges.

Pairing the device with specialty court, such as Minnesota’s DWI court program, leaves offenders in a better position to change their lifestyle.

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