MADD Candlelight Vigil Honors Victims of Drunk Driving

Candle burning brightly at candlelight vigil

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) host Candlelight Vigils every year throughout North America to support those affected by drunk driving, or to honor those who lost their lives because of a drunk driver.

In December, Smart Start attended the MADD Edmonton Chapter’s Candlelight Vigil to take part in the ceremony and offer support. Although local areas participate in their own candlelight vigils, there is a national ceremony as well with MADD Canada as the host. Each April, advocates, families, friends and delegates from all over Canada come together to share their experiences and honor loved ones who lost their lives.

Candlelight Vigils in the U.S. and Canada

MADD Candlelight Vigils occurs every year in Canada, and throughout the U.S. as well. Many state MADD groups participate in the ceremony, and they occur every year at different times. For example, MADD New York is hosting their 36th Annual Candlelight Vigil this weekend while North Carolina held theirs earlier in December.

What Happens at the MADD Candlelight Vigils?

The vigil usually contains sessions run by professionals and peers who have been in similar experiences to offer comfort and strength to those coping with loss or their injuries. An event occurs as well where individuals can pay tribute to their loved ones who lost their lives, or to acknowledge their injuries caused by impaired driving.

MADD also provides information and resources, such as monthly support groups or helpful reading materials. At some candlelight vigils, the local MADD group educates attendees on how to improve their drunk driving laws in their state.

The Drunk Driving Numbers in 2016 and 2017

In the U.S., drunk driving deaths rose for the second subsequent year in a row. However, many states are implementing stronger laws in 2018 against drunk driving that will keep the roads safe for everyone. One such law requires Ignition Interlocks for all DUI offenders, which is a proven tool that reduces recidivism in repeat offenders.

Smart Start stands with MADD to honor those who have been lost and impacted through the annual MADD Candlelight Vigils, and to continue the fight to Separate Drinking From Driving®.

If you need to use an Ignition Interlock, call Smart Start at (800) 831-3299 or fill out our short online form.