U.K. Study: Portable Alcohol Monitoring in Family Situations

As the worldwide leader in alcohol testing and monitoring, we understand that alcohol-related behaviors often play a huge role in domestic issues for your clients. Portable alcohol monitoring in family situations can be a valuable tool in securing the well-being of children and parents.

That’s why we created SmartMobile™. It’s a customizable, portable alcohol monitoring device for families that can help everyone feel more secure in a wide range of circumstances. It’s more robust – and typically less expensive – than other alcohol monitoring alternatives. A recent study in the United Kingdom helped prove how valuable SmartMobile can be in domestic situations.

Webinar: Show Me an Intro to SmartMobile

A Solution Backed by Positive Results

Harrow Council Children’s Services in London, England, used SmartMobile in a groundbreaking trial that monitored alcohol-related behaviors in 75 families. Parents were tested for alcohol use several times a day, helping case managers identify the extent of the problem and ensuring the safety of family members.

Of the parents who participated, 76 percent said they believed SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring for family situations had reduced case managers’ concerns about their families. A number of case managers agreed:

  • “The accountability sustained by the device was absolutely vital in the mother’s continued abstinence.”
  • “The device was able to empower the mother and inform the social worker’s assessment with rich and reliable data.”
  • “(SmartMobile) supports the mother in order to emphasize boundaries after a relapse.  She continues to access substance abuse therapy.”

Tell Me More About SmartMobile

Rich Information, Real-Time Notification

SmartMobile is the most versatile, customizable solution on the market. Working in concert with our SmartWeb™ online case management technology, it provides:

  • GPS location data, along with visual verification during testing.
  • Customization of test schedules, including random or on-demand tests.
  • Text or e-mail alerts that keep you informed about missed tests or violations in real-time or 24-hour reports – whichever you prefer.
  • Robust cellular connection to SmartWeb, without relying on a phone or app.

SmartWeb & Mobile Alcohol Monitoring

Court Admissible Data is Stored Onboard

In many cases, it’s important to show that your client has been adhering to any rules involving alcohol consumption as part of custody or support claims. The test data stored on SmartMobile meets the Frye standard for admissibility of scientific evidence.

How Can SmartMobile Help Your Clients?

Learn more by contacting your Smart Start Business Development Rep. They can show you the difference between SmartMobile and other less-rigorous solutions that provide portable alcohol monitoring for family situations. You can also learn more about SmartMobile through our online learning sessions at Smart Start University.

Would the U.S. Federally Legalize Pot Like Canada?

There’s been a lot of debate in Canada with its recent federal pot legalization on October 17, 2018. Many sides and groups have been weighing in on their opinions and concerns about the legal use of pot, but also about people who will drive high.

With the legalization of recreational and medicinal pot use in Canada, it leaves some interesting conversation in the U.S. Can the American government follow in Canada’s footsteps and pass a federal cannabis act as well?

U.S. Versus Canada on Pot Legalization

There are a few states that legalize marijuana in some degree, but the U.S. is still a while away from being the land of the red, white and green. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law by the Controlled Substances Act, although at a state level, polices on the recreational and/or medical use of marijuana vary or even conflict with this act.

Currently, medical use of marijuana is legal in 33 states and the District of Columbia. In 10 states, Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington, recreational use of pot is legal. This information is current as of January 2019.

Whether you are for or against the drug, one thing remains certain. If a substance becomes legal, there will naturally be a higher use of it. Impaired driving laws must be strong with the right enforcement, plus technology like Ignition Interlocks and heightened awareness to accommodate to the higher level of people who could drive while impaired.

The Concern for Impaired Driving Laws in Canada

In Canada, one concern is that impaired driving laws are not up-to-date yet with the recent federal pot legalization.

Although law enforcement in Canada still arrest drug-impaired drivers, there are ways to enhance the country’s impaired driving legislation that would benefit all drivers if it had passed alongside the pot legalization bill. MADD Canada echoed their concern and recently stated that “the legalization of cannabis must come with the legal power required to police its use.”

Regardless of where pot will be legalized in the future, there still needs to be technology that deters impaired driving. That’s why “all-offender” Ignition Interlock laws need more focus. This law has proven to reduce recidivism and drunk driving crashes.

Although Ignition Interlock Devices only detect and measure breath alcohol concentration (BrAC), studies have shown its benefit to reducing impaired driving all-around. A drugged driving conviction in most states means their driver’s license is under suspension and/or revocation. If it’s applicable and the person is eligible, an Ignition Interlock allows them to drive again sooner rather than later.

Have any Ignition Interlock questions? Smart Start’s bilingual Customer Care Center is standing by 24/7/365 to assist! Just call (800) 831-3299 and we’ll help clarify any aspects of the Ignition Interlock program.

Install a Smart Start Ignition Interlock Today

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NEWS: Alberta Changes Drunk Driving, Ignition Interlock Laws

Alberta law is enhancing its drunk driving and Ignition Interlock law. The effective month was in April 2018.

Officers in Alberta are now able to issue an immediate 90-day license suspension during roadside stops for drivers whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at least .08 or higher. This law also applies to drivers impaired by drugs, or both alcohol and drugs, and those who fail or refuse breath or blood tests.

Another provision is an immediate three-day vehicle seizure, or seven-day seizure, for second and subsequent impaired driving occurrences.

New Ignition Interlock Requirements

Following the 90-day suspension, drivers must install an Ignition Interlock for one year. An Ignition Interlock connects to the vehicle’s ignition system and requires the driver to provide a breath test that’s above its set fail limit before the vehicle will start. Need more information on Alberta’s Ignition Interlock program?

With these changes to Alberta’s drunk driving law, drivers can get back on the road safely again with an Ignition Interlock. If you do need an Ignition Interlock, Smart Start can provide you a reliable device and an affordable program.

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NEWS: France’s Drunk Driving Laws Will Expand Use of Ignition Interlocks

France’s drunk driving laws are about to change, and one of the changes involves expanding Ignition Interlock requirements for drink driver repeat offenders. *

* In the U.S., every state uses its own acronym for driving intoxicated, such as DUI or DWI. Some European countries refer to such offenders as drink drivers.

Strengthening Ignition Interlock Laws in France

Alcohol is linked to about 19 percent of fatal accidents in France. Now, offenders who are convicted of drink driving a second time will need to use an Ignition Interlock, or vehicle breathalyzer. Ignition Interlocks prevent drivers from starting their vehicle if their breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is above a pre-set limit. If their BrAC is below the fail set point on the device, their vehicle will start.

In France, Ignition Interlocks, or EADs (éthylotests antidémarrages), are a requirement for coaches and buses. It is also an option for drivers who have had their license suspended for drink driving but want to continue to drive.

Ignition Interlock Laws

Ignition Interlock laws in the U.S. vary by state, but all-offender requirements are the most effective, according to multiple studies. This law reduces recidivism in repeat offenders, and also lowers drunk driving deaths.

With France’s stronger Ignition Interlock and drunk driving laws, the country will save more lives and have safer roads.

Need an Ignition Interlock?

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Smart Start Worldwide: Denmark Ignition Interlock Law Gets Tougher

Smart Start, the only approved vendor in Denmark, is about to supply more Ignition Interlocks to drinking and driving offenders. Denmark’s drunk driving law has changed to let individuals get back on the road sooner, but only with an Ignition Interlock in their vehicle.

The Changes in the Denmark Ignition Interlock Law

The updated Ignition Interlock law means that a person convicted of drinking and driving can now drive within their 3-year suspension period if they have an Ignition Interlock. They must also pass a driving test.

An Ignition Interlock Device is installed in vehicles and tests the amount of alcohol in someone’s system before the driver can start their car. The driver must provide a breath sample into the device before starting their vehicle. If there’s too much alcohol detected, their vehicle will not start.

For those who choose to use the Ignition Interlock, it means the freedom to drive again and get back to their everyday routine. At the same time, the device is keeping Denmark’s roadways safe from drunk drivers. In Denmark, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is .05.

Older Denmark Ignition Interlock Law

In 2015, there was a similar Ignition Interlock law that passed. This new, upcoming law is expected to be an even more effective program in the country.

Need an Ignition Interlock?

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Stronger Ignition Interlock Law Coming to Victoria, Australia

A stronger Ignition Interlock law passed recently in Victoria, a state in Australia. The new law is one of the toughest in the country for drink drivers.

What is the New Ignition Interlock Law in Victoria?

All offenders who have a blood alcohol level (BAC) above .05 will have their licenses cancelled immediately. They will also have to install an Ignition Interlock Device into their vehicles. First-time offenders will also have their license disqualified for three months, and will need an Ignition Interlock Device. The minimum period required to have an Ignition Interlock is at least six months.

Will Ignition Interlocks Work?

Multiple studies have proven that Ignition Interlocks surpass other DUI penalties, such as hefty fines and jail times, as far as discouraging an offender from drinking and driving again. They also allow individuals to continue with their everyday routine by being able to drive their vehicles and go to work or school.

What’s Victoria’s Current BAC Limit?

A BAC level of .05 is the legal limit in most of Australia’s states and territories, including Victoria. Any offender with a BAC limit above .05 will face harsher penalties. The only state in the U.S. with a BAC limit of .05 is Utah, while the rest of the U.S. remains at .08.

By cracking down on drink driving and passing stronger Ignition Interlock laws, Victoria is making their roadways much safer.

Need an Ignition Interlock?

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