NEWS: Interlock Devices are a Proven Tool to End Drunk Driving

Smart Start Interlock Device Installation

According to recent news articles and studies, Interlock Devices are the most effective and direct tool in reducing drunk driving. In addition, per the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, “Ignition Interlock laws reduce alcohol-involved fatal crashes.”

Interlock Devices Help People

When the Boston Globe interviewed a current Interlock Device client in Massachusetts, she said, “I did not want to face up to it [the Interlock Device]. Now, I realize it has helped me.” She says the Interlock Device allows her to keep working and visit her grandchildren.

The Interlock has also made it easier for her to attend support meetings with others to maintain sobriety.

Massachusetts is only one out of two states “without laws granting a judge the authority to order first-time offenders to use an Interlock Device.” Interlock Devices are only required for drivers with multiple DUI convictions. They will need one for at least two years.

Interlocks Reduce Repeat DUI Offenses

Requiring an Interlock Device after a repeat offense is not as effective as preventing a first-time offender from becoming a repeat offender. Reducing repeat drunk driving offenses is one of the many strong benefits Interlock Devices offer.

Interlock Devices also reduce drunk driving-involved fatalities and crashes time and time again.

All-offender states are a proven success to reduce drunken driving. In fact, Oklahoma and Nebraska just joined ranks with the 28 other states and DC in becoming all-offender Interlock Device states. That means more than half the nation is enacting safer measures to Separate Drinking From Driving®.

Smart Start always supports the fact that Interlock Devices allow people to contribute to society. It also allows individuals to continue with their everyday routine again.

With the best breath alcohol technology available, Smart Start’s Interlocks are accurate, reliable and fast with every test.

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