GEORGIA: New Interlock Device Permit for DUI Offenders

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Effective July 1st, DUI offenders in Georgia may have the option to obtain a new type of limited driving permit with an Interlock Device.

What Does the Interlock Device Permit Mean?

The Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Limited Permit allows individuals to waive their right to an administrative hearing and opt for an Interlock Device in their vehicle.

This permit only applies to individuals whose driver’s license is subject to an administrative license suspension (ALS), and if the permit is granted to the person by the state.

The required period of an Interlock Device is determined by DSS, but is typically four months if the individual consents to the state-administered chemical test requested by the arresting officer. If “acquitted of the DUI charge, or the underlying DUI charge is dismissed or reduced, the IID may be removed at no cost, and the driver’s license may be replaced.”

Additionally, if someone refuses the chemical test, the Interlock period can be a year.

An ALS cannot apply to individuals whose motor vehicle crash involved fatalities and/or serious injury. Persons whose Georgia license has any other suspensions, cancellations or revocations cannot apply. More conditions that must be met can be found on DSS’ website.

Current Interlock Law in Georgia

Currently, repeat offenders are required to use an Interlock Device, although each case is at the state’s discretion. The new Interlock permit will require an offender who refused a BAC test or was convicted of a DUI at .15 or above to use an Interlock.

MADD, along with other organizations, recommend states enact all-offender laws for Interlocks.  Recently, Nevada and Oklahoma joined more than half of the U.S. by passing an all-offender Interlock bill. This brings the total number to 30 states, plus the District of Columbia, with an all-offender law.

For more information on Georgia’s Interlock Device law, necessary forms and frequently asked questions, visit Smart Start’s website.

For more information on the new Georgia bill:

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