Gladstone Announces DUI Crackdown

Gladstone ORAs we gear up for the New Year’s Eve holiday, getting ready to count down to midnight and clink champagne glasses with our loved ones, police in Gladstone are preparing for one of the worst night’s for drunk drivers. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are two of the worst holidays for drunk drivers, numbers of incidences always spike on this day. To combat the potential spike, and the inevitable rise in number of unsafe drivers, officers are planning to be more prevalently stationed throughout the city to look for and catch any potential drunk drivers. If you will be celebrating New Year’s Eve out and about make sure you are planning ahead for how you will get home.

No one should start the new year off with a bad decision that leads to a DUI. Especially considering that DUI would then alter pretty much the rest of 2015 for you. IF you receive a DUI you will be subject to the installation of an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. This device will require a sample of your breath each time you want to start your vehicle and additional samples through out your drive. Imagine this scenario: you’re running late for work, you rush out to your car, and to add insult to injury you have to blow into your ignition interlock device before your car will start. Now imagine having to explain that step when you get to work. It all sounds like an awful lot of hassle for one poor decision.

The Gladstone Police Department will be cracking down on drunk driving by adding additional patrols beginning at 7pm on New Year’s Eve, and these additional patrols will continue through 3pm on New Year’s Day. Avoid all of the drama of a DUI and plan ahead so you can get home safe. We recommend designating a sober driver before you leave, or if you do not have a friend willing to be your chauffeur for the evening plan on taking a taxi. If you split the cost of a taxi between a few friends it is really cheap, and even if you have to take the taxi by yourself it will be cheaper than getting a DUI. If neither of those options tickle your fancy maybe you can attend a party at a friend’s house and crash on their couch when the night is over. No matter how you decide to ring in the New Year make sure you ring it in safely.

Gladstone Police, and police all over the state of Oregon will be amping up their DUI patrols to help remove any potentially dangerous drivers from the road. Make sure you and your friends have a plan to arrive home safely. No one wants to start out the New Year with a DUI. We at Smart Start of Oregon want to wish everyone a safe and very happy New Year. Ring in 2015 with those you love, and get home safe at the end of the night, either by a designated driver or a taxi.

See you in 2015, Oregon!!

Photo via Town Maps USA