When Will I Need an Ignition Interlock in Arizona?

If you’re in Arizona, you may be facing a requirement for an Ignition Interlock upon a DUI conviction. So, what are the factors that include a mandatory Ignition Interlock in Arizona?

An Ignition Interlock allows you to continue driving so you can get back to your everyday routine. In Arizona, a court ordered Ignition Interlock could also mean a reduced jail sentence.

When is an Ignition Interlock in Arizona Required?

Here are the factors involved that may result in an Ignition Interlock requirement.

  • An Ignition Interlock is a requirement for all alcohol convictions, whether you are a first or repeat offender.
  • If you refuse the sobriety test given by the officer, your driver’s license is also automatically suspended for 1 year.

Special Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver’s License

You may be eligible for the SIIRDL (Special Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver’s License). This allows you to drive to and from work, school and home only (a full list of approved destinations are on the MVD site.) Any type of traffic violation voids the SIIRDL.

Keep in mind that the period with your SIIRDL does not count toward any other required period with an Ignition Interlock. Once you complete the SIIRDL period, you may or may not be required to apply for the Ignition Interlock license.

How Long Will I Need an Ignition Interlock in Arizona?

In nearly all cases, you must use your Ignition Interlock for 12 months. For first-time offenders who are deferment-eligible, however, you may only need to use an Ignition Interlock for six months.

Who’s in Charge of My Ignition Interlock Program?

Remember that your regulatory agency for your Ignition Interlock is the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division (MVD). For example, they will be the entities who decide on factors such as your SIIRDL and your SR-22 insurance for your case.

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Need Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance in Florida?

If you need Ignition Interlock financial assistance in Florida, the state may be able to help through its indigent program.

The Florida Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance or Indigent Program

The court that rules over your DUI case decides whether you are eligible for the Florida Ignition Interlock financial assistance program or not. However, the Department Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is your regulatory agency, and will provide oversight, education and monitoring of your program.

If the court determines that you are unable to pay for the installation of your Ignition Interlock, you may be eligible to pay just a portion of the cost. Keep in mind that Florida regulations also require a $12 state fee at the time of your Ignition Interlock installation.

If you need to install an Ignition Interlock in Florida, let Smart Start be your guide. We are available to answer any questions about your Ignition Interlock program at (800) 831-3299.

Ignition Interlock Indigent Programs by State Series

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Are More Drunk Driving Arrests Being Made During the Holidays? Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

There’s a higher percentage of drunk driving arrests throughout the U.S. because of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. The increase of local law enforcement and sobriety checkpoints prove to be an effective deterrent against drunk driving crashes, injuries or deaths. It’s also zero-tolerance for drunk driving, which is cause for an immediate arrest.

And strict enforcement appears to be working, too.

Maryland’s Drunk Driving Arrests Increase

Take Maryland for example, which is one of the many states that took part in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s campaign.

Nearly 200 impaired drivers were arrested during the holiday season from December 23, 2017 to January 1, 2018. 10,000 traffic stops were made from state troopers with 264 arrests, with 183 of those connected to impaired driving. Troopers also issued more than 6,500 citations and more than 7,500 warnings.

The numbers are staggering, which means the increase in enforcement is working. Effective strategies such as heightened law enforcement and strong drunk driving laws in place can bring down the unfortunate number of drunk driving deaths that’s been on the rise in the U.S. since 2015.

Alternative Solutions Other Than Drunk Driving

Another strategy is to bring more public awareness to alternative solutions rather than getting behind the wheel impaired, such as appointing a designated driver or using a ridesharing app.

Voluntary Ignition Interlock Device in Vehicle

Voluntary Ignition Interlock Devices can also be an effective tool to ensure no one is starting their vehicle drunk. The Ignition Interlock Device is a vehicle breathalyzer that can show if someone is too impaired to drive. Many vendors provide their Ignition Interlock Devices as an option to those who can benefit from it by having one in their car, such as college and high school students, or someone whose had prior impaired driving convictions.

Get on the Road Safely

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MADD Candlelight Vigil Honors Victims of Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) host Candlelight Vigils every year throughout North America to support those affected by drunk driving, or to honor those who lost their lives because of a drunk driver.

In December, Smart Start attended the MADD Edmonton Chapter’s Candlelight Vigil to take part in the ceremony and offer support. Although local areas participate in their own candlelight vigils, there is a national ceremony as well with MADD Canada as the host. Each April, advocates, families, friends and delegates from all over Canada come together to share their experiences and honor loved ones who lost their lives.

Candlelight Vigils in the U.S. and Canada

MADD Candlelight Vigils occurs every year in Canada, and throughout the U.S. as well. Many state MADD groups participate in the ceremony, and they occur every year at different times. For example, MADD New York is hosting their 36th Annual Candlelight Vigil this weekend while North Carolina held theirs earlier in December.

What Happens at the MADD Candlelight Vigils?

The vigil usually contains sessions run by professionals and peers who have been in similar experiences to offer comfort and strength to those coping with loss or their injuries. An event occurs as well where individuals can pay tribute to their loved ones who lost their lives, or to acknowledge their injuries caused by impaired driving.

MADD also provides information and resources, such as monthly support groups or helpful reading materials. At some candlelight vigils, the local MADD group educates attendees on how to improve their drunk driving laws in their state.

The Drunk Driving Numbers in 2016 and 2017

In the U.S., drunk driving deaths rose for the second subsequent year in a row. However, many states are implementing stronger laws in 2018 against drunk driving that will keep the roads safe for everyone. One such law requires Ignition Interlocks for all DUI offenders, which is a proven tool that reduces recidivism in repeat offenders.

Smart Start stands with MADD to honor those who have been lost and impacted through the annual MADD Candlelight Vigils, and to continue the fight to Separate Drinking From Driving®.

If you need to use an Ignition Interlock, call Smart Start at (800) 831-3299 or fill out our short online form.

“Drive Like You Give a #&%!” Fights Drunk Driving, and Distracted, Drowsy and Drugged Driving

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR), with Shaquille O’Neal’s help, is educating the public to not drink and drive. They also focus on preventing distracted, drowsy and drugged driving.

Drive Like You Give a #&%! is a campaign that puts more of a spin on FAAR’s mission to prevent impaired driving. FAAR is a nationwide organization that works to eliminate drunk driving by promoting responsible decision-making when it comes to alcohol.

The Drive Like You Give a #&%! Campaign

Drive Like You Give a #&%! looks at four offenders (drunk, drugged, drowsy and distracted drivers), and their behaviors behind the wheel with Shaquille O’Neal as the captain of the Responsible Driving Enforcement Agency. The former basketball star is a reserve police officer in Florida. Working with FAAR since 2010, he takes a no-nonsense approach in the videos with the hope to reach young males to stop driving impaired behind the wheel.

Males and Drunk Driving

On FAAR’s website, their drunk driving promotional video targets young males in their 20s, because they accounted for 21 percent of all drunk driving fatalities in 2016. Males were responsible for 71 percent of overall traffic fatalities. They are also 1.5 times more likely than female drunk drivers to be involved in a fatal crash.

Holidays See Increase in Drunk Driving

The campaign comes at a critical time during the holidays when there’s an unfortunate rise in drunk and impaired drivers. Not only that, but drunk driving deaths rose for the second subsequent year in a row in 2016 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Smart Start is proud to support FAAR and its efforts to reach those who need to know impaired driving is a dangerous decision. Similar to the Drive Like You Give a #&%! campaign, Ignition Interlocks also assist in keeping drunk drivers off the road if they are a court or state requirement for DUI offenders.

With like-minded organizations and groups combating impaired driving with the right tools and methods, the U.S. will certainly have safer roadways in the future.

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SERIES: Are Mental Health Courts Effective and Successful?

Mental health court is giving individuals with mental illness a second chance instead of incarceration, and it appears to have promising results.

What Are Mental Health Courts About?

Built on the successful drug court model, mental health court programs assist adult offenders with mental disabilities or illnesses through supervision and education. For example, the court can offer treatment and help for attendees to lead a successful life again with housing and other social service assistance.

A judge will oversee the program with assistance from a team of experts in the mental health field. They also involve prosecutors, defense attorneys and others who are a part of the case or who have mental health knowledge.

Who Can Attend Mental Health Court?

Mental health courts have been around since the early 90s with thousands of attendees and nearly 400 programs nationwide. Originally, those charged with misdemeanor offenses such as trespassing could only attend mental health court. Since then, the program’s doors are opening wider for those charged with some felonies such as robbery.

The goal for most mental health court programs is to provide courts the right resources to improve attendees’ lives through employment, support, treatment and even housing options. They want to identify the reason that contributes to criminal behavior. The judge and any other appropriate personnel also meet with the attendees on a consistent basis within a certain period to ensure they are on the right track.

The Proper Treatment and Tools

But is mental health court successful? It appears to be that way. One mental health court in Florida says that those who completed the program had a lower recidivism rate than those who did not. Another successful tool that attendees may need to use is an Ignition Interlock.

The Ignition Interlock is usually for DUI offenders, although every state’s law varies. When an Ignition Interlock is installed, the recidivism rate shows a substantial reduction between 50 to 90 percent.

With the right treatment and tools, anyone can get back to a better lifestyle, and that’s what some elements of the court, such as mental health programs and Ignition Interlock requirements, intend to do.

Specialty Courts Series

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Will the U.S. See Safer Roads with Stronger Drunk Driving Laws in 2018?

2017 is ending, and 2018 is just around the corner. What’s happened in 2017 to make the U.S.’s roadways safer, and what will take effect in 2018 to keep less drunk drivers off the roads?

A Look on Drunk Driving and Ignition Interlock Laws in 2017

This year, drunk driving took a wrong turn and increased for the second subsequent year in a row according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

However, there is an upside. States such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Georgia, passed stronger Ignition Interlock laws.

Ignition Interlocks in multiple national studies show that they can decrease recidivism in repeat drunk drivers with an all-offender law. This is powerful since drunk drivers with no DUI offenses get behind the wheel at least 80 times before they are caught and convicted.

The U.S. now has 30 states, plus D.C., with an all-offender Ignition Interlock law.

Beyond the U.S., international areas such as Victoria, Australia and Denmark are implementing better Ignition Interlock laws.

Looking to the Future – U.S.’s Drunk Driving Laws and Studies

Some states will implement stronger Ignition Interlock laws in the future that will leave their roadways safer. Oregon, for example, is strengthening its Ignition Interlock vendor requirements and will change its oversight authority from the DMV to the State Police later in 2018.

Although it’ll be in 2019, California is also enacting an all-offender Ignition Interlock requirement that will expand statewide beyond the initial four counties that were a part of a pilot program.

Utah’s BAC Limit of .05
Earlier this year, Utah signed a bill into law that would lower the BAC limit from .08 to .05. Nationwide, the legal limit is .08. The new BAC limit is raising questions from legislators and other groups, and may receive some changes before its effective date on October 2018.

TIRF Releases 2017 Alcohol-Impaired Results
The Traffic Injury Research Foundation released their annual Road Safety Monitor (RSM) results. It shows that more people are realizing there’s safer alternatives than getting behind the wheel drunk, such as ridesharing apps and designated drivers. It also reveals that the number one reason people drive drunk is because they think they are OK to drive.

Ignition Interlocks, Heightened Law Enforcement and DWI Courts Fight Drunk Driving

Although drunk driving fatalities unfortunately rose in 2017, there are solutions working to fight the numbers such as stronger Ignition Interlock laws, enforcement programs and DWI Court programs. DWI Courts are seeing much success with their programs, as well as Ignition Interlocks. The enforcement campaigns in states such as Minnesota saw a rise in DWI arrests, which are keeping more impaired drivers off the roads.

Smart Start in 2017

Smart Start is proud to be a part of the mission to Separate Drinking From Driving®. With our many partners, supporters and team members, we will continue to keep communities safe from the dangerous decision to drink and drive, and save lives with Ignition Interlocks. Clients can get back to their everyday routine by driving again but in a safe way with an Ignition Interlock in their vehicles.

Smart Start’s year was bigger than ever this year. We reached one million Ignition Interlock clients and celebrated 25 years of saving lives. We are looking forward to the New Year as one of the world’s biggest Ignition Interlock providers.

From all of us at Smart Start, we hope you have a happy and safe New Year’s!

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Need Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Traffic Safety Bureau (TSB) determines if you are applicable for New Mexico’s Ignition Interlock financial assistance program.

What New Mexico’s Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance Program Covers

The program will include paying up to $30 per calibration, $100 for a transfer and up to $50 for removal for clients. You will be responsible for other charges with your Ignition Interlock, such as installation.

If approved, the TSB will provide the proper information, such as your benefit effective dates. They will also notify the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) of your indigency status. Then, you’ll need to take a copy of your notice to your Ignition Interlock provider, such as Smart Start.

Who Qualifies for New Mexico’s Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance?

Here’s the only situations where you can qualify for the financial assistance fund:

  • If you’ve been convicted in New Mexico for DWI and have been court ordered to use an Ignition Interlock
  • Your driver’s license was revoked by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) because of a DWI arrest and you cannot drive legally without an Ignition Interlock
  • You need to drive with an Ignition Interlock as a condition of parole

The state will evaluate your finances and determine if you are eligible for the indigent, or financial assistance, program.

Helpful Links

Need the New Mexico Ignition Interlock financial assistance application form?

Ignition Interlock Indigent Programs by State Series

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What’s The Number One Reason Drunk Drivers Get Behind the Wheel?

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF USA)’s recent study for 2017 reveals interesting results about alcohol-impaired driving from U.S. drivers.

The 2017 Road Safety Monitor Report’s Results: What’s the Biggest Reason Behind Drunk Driving? Are the Numbers Decreasing?

The third annual Road Safety Monitor (RSM), TIRF’s study on alcohol-impaired driving, shows that the number one reason drunk drivers get behind the wheel is because they feel they are OK to drive.

Almost half of respondents chose this answer at 48 percent. The other top reasons show that drivers feel it’s OK because they’re traveling a short distance (13 percent). Another is that they think they can drive carefully (10 percent), or they simply did not think about it (5 percent).

In addition, comparing the last three years (2015, 2016 and 2017) of RSM’s data, 2016 had the highest number of reported alcohol-impaired drivers, and the highest number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities.

The study says these numbers may be high because there’s a decreasing concern about drunk driving in relation to both societal topics and other road safety topics such as distracted driving.

More Drivers Know About Alternative Solutions like Ridesharing Apps

There is an upside to this year’s RSM results, however. 2017 shows that there may be a decrease in alcohol-impaired driving fatalities. Plus, a larger percentage of drivers compared to last year’s numbers were aware of other alternatives rather than driving impaired. These countermeasures include ridesharing apps like Lyft or Uber, using public transportation or designating a sober driver.

About the RSM

TIRF’s 2017 report comes from 5,027 U.S. driver’s answers who are 21-years-old or older. The poll was completed just a couple months ago in September and October. The study comes from TIRF USA, TIRF Canada and Anheuser-Busch, who promote alcohol responsibility.

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Smart Start Worldwide: Denmark Ignition Interlock Law Gets Tougher

Smart Start, the only approved vendor in Denmark, is about to supply more Ignition Interlocks to drinking and driving offenders. Denmark’s drunk driving law has changed to let individuals get back on the road sooner, but only with an Ignition Interlock in their vehicle.

The Changes in the Denmark Ignition Interlock Law

The updated Ignition Interlock law means that a person convicted of drinking and driving can now drive within their 3-year suspension period if they have an Ignition Interlock. They must also pass a driving test.

An Ignition Interlock Device is installed in vehicles and tests the amount of alcohol in someone’s system before the driver can start their car. The driver must provide a breath sample into the device before starting their vehicle. If there’s too much alcohol detected, their vehicle will not start.

For those who choose to use the Ignition Interlock, it means the freedom to drive again and get back to their everyday routine. At the same time, the device is keeping Denmark’s roadways safe from drunk drivers. In Denmark, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is .05.

Older Denmark Ignition Interlock Law

In 2015, there was a similar Ignition Interlock law that passed. This new, upcoming law is expected to be an even more effective program in the country.

Need an Ignition Interlock?

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