Fourth of July DUII Arrests


Police Officers in the state of Oregon are reporting that 50 DUII arrests were made over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Tragically, four people were also killed in what appear to be alcohol related crashes. These arrests, and the fatal crashes, happened beginning at 6 PM on July 3rd, and continued through 11:59 PM on July 6th.

The 50 reported DUII arrests in 2015 are down from 2014’s 60 DUII arrests. Before each holiday period each year, authorities encourage local drivers to avoid drinking and driving, and to report any and all suspected drunk drivers. These efforts help minimize drunk drivers and also allow authorities to get into place for potential drunk drivers.

Eight of this year’s 50 DUII arrests were direct results of citizen’s reporting potential drunk drivers. Six of the DUII arrests were related to injury, and non-injury crashes that state police reported to. Oregon state police also reported arresting 25 people who had outstanding warrants over the holiday weekend.