Court upholds ignition interlock after OWI-1st convictions

Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals has clarified that a driver convicted of his first state drunken driving offense can still be ordered to install an ignition interlock on his vehicle as part of the penalty.

Eric L. Seatz, of Cedarburg, was ticketed in Grafton in September 2012. He doesn’t dispute the legality of the stop or that he had a .13 blood acohol level.

But he appealed the ignition interlock requirement because it was technically a citation for first offense drunken driving.

He did have a prior offense, in Michigan in 1997. While it does not count toward making the Grafton stop a second, therefore criminal, offense in Wisconsin, it does count under a different Wisconsin statute in the sentencing rules that then require he install the ignition interlock, the Court of Appeals held on Wednesday.

The court affirmed the rulings of Ozaukee County municipal and circuit judges.
From the Milwaukee Wisconson Journal Sentinal: